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Dangerous plants: 10 worst flowers for summer cottages


Do you know which plants in your dacha are deadly? We collected the top 10 most daring and unpredictable plants, from which it is better to stay away

Are you afraid of your summer residence? No? After reading this material, the most ordinary, and possibly your beloved plants, will begin to cause at least deep distrust. 1. Buttercup

What can be dangerous is so cute and tinyflower? Nothing special, just his middle name is "night blindness". Its juice causes eye irritation and increases the sensitivity of the skin to the sun. If you want to taste yellow inflorescences, be ready to defeat the nervous system and a whole bunch of disorders in the digestive tract. Some animals die after consuming buttercup flowers. 2. Snowdrop

This Red Book flower herald is not only spring, but also nausea, vomiting and very unpleasant kidney damage. Danger is represented by both bulbs and fruits of the snowdrop. 3. A lily of the valley

This delicate May flower is dangerous for every part of it - fruits, leaves and pedicels may cause a slow heartbeat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and even convulsions if ingested. Articles on the topic 4. Elderberry

The elder can be different. From black boiled jelly, red causes diarrhea. The main thing is to remember: black is good and tasty, red is bad and sad. 5. Aconite

Attracts attention to itself in purple anddark blue flowers, but almost all parts of this plant, with the exception of the stem, contain a toxic alkaloid. On contact with the skin, this substance causes severe inflammation. The poison of aconite can affect the heart, lungs, unequal systems and even provoke paralysis. 6. Colchicum

This flower can be misleading by itsgentle lilac flowers, but the alkaloids, contained in all parts of the cesspool, cause a whole bunch of disorders in the work of the kidneys, the nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract. Six grams of seeds of this flower can lead to death. Related Articles 7. Digitalis

Digitalis looks impressive and unusual, howeverPay for the increased interest will have a heart. This plant contains glycosides, which, when ingested, can have a dramatically negative effect on the functioning of the heart muscle. 8. Kleshchevina

Kleshchevina can attract children's attentionspherical fruits containing seeds, similar to beans and ricin - a powerful poison causing destruction of body tissues, as well as serious damage to the kidneys and liver. 9. The Wolf's Bark

The plant is famous and multifaceted. They have been scared of children for several centuries - it is enough to eat 10-12 berries to leave the world of the living forever. However, until now there are enthusiasts planting wolves on the sites as a dangerous decoration, and even the pollen of tender pink and lilac flowers causes dizziness and headache. Destruction of the plant in its own garden area is not forbidden, but in the wildlife it is better not to cut off its life - the wolf's lair is listed in the Red Book. Related Articles 10. Belladonna

This "beautiful lady" can injure evenby touch, her berries are deadly. The tropanes contained in them (potentially deadly alkaloids) are capable of provoking a whole palette of different sensations - from headaches to cardiac arrest.