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Head of the bed to order: 16 workshops and the best examples


Want to transform your bedroom without resorting tooverhaul, change its atmosphere, or just update the interior? One of the most effective ways is to emphasize the headboard. We have selected 10 diverse options and found out from the designers where the pro headboards are ordered. Of course, in any bedroom the main character is. Big or small, luxurious or ascetic, it takes pride of place even in the most minimalistic setting and always attracts attention. That is why its framing is equally important. We studied the coolest headboard designs and at the same time conducted a survey among professional designers and decorators to find out where they make them. We share with you the best examples and the secret list of places! For all tastes If you like a neutral colorgamut, but at the same time you want the headboard to attract attention, you can achieve this with the help of a form. Graceful carving, intricate pattern - such a headboard is the best fit for a delicate and slightly eclectic interior in light colors. The first rule of the vintage style is: Do not throw away old furniture! For those who love things with a story and who have an old treelike or a mirror at home, it's definitely worth taking note of the idea of ​​such a headboard. In addition, the mirror visually increases the room. Few people will not recognize the luxurious and brutal Hudson bed with a solid walnut headboard and built-in shelves on the sides. By the way, this model perfectly takes root in. The black. Stylish. Elegant. These three words are enough to describe such a headboard. However, it should be added that it is also universal: it will perfectly fit into a bachelor, and in a family, and even in a 100% female interior. The soft headboard in deep blue matches the cool white and rich shades of pink. You can add bed linen with floral motives and, of course,. Love the art of the East? Why not settle it in your own bedroom! In the photo below, for example, the hostess of the headboard chose for him a cloth with elements of Chinese painting in the traditional blue and white range and diluted it with a red edging. An excellent background for wallpaper with a picture will beMonochromatic headboard of pastel color. To create an even more harmonious interior, pick up the bed linen in tone and with a wallpaper that matches the wallpaper. Use as a headboard shutters alreadyBecame a rather popular design technique, especially for rustic or eclectic interiors. We propose to go further and replace the shutters with real vintage windows. For security reasons, of course, without the glass. The owners of this headboard made it their own hands- with the help of a lathe of one of friends. It is not necessary to make this yourself, but we recommend you look at the wooden headboards: they fit into almost any interior and make it more comfortable. Another example of a soft headboard - this time withActive geometric pattern, reminiscent of the traditional painting of some people. Pay attention to the atypical combination of blue-white and green: it looks bright and fresh, and a bouquet of fresh flowers again acts as a connecting element. The same list As promised in the announcement, wegathered the opinions of professionals from the world of design and, based on their comments, compiled a list of proven and favorite places by designers where you can buy or order headboards for beds. Take note!

  • The Russian company Loffilab is founded by spousesValery and Natalia Lofichenko in 1997. The brand slogan is "Interior, exceeding expectations". You can both buy ready-made headboards, and make custom made according to individual design.
  • Studio of textile design "M-ART" in addition to the main specialization, is engaged in the restoration, upholstery and the manufacture of custom-made furniture.
  • The company "Aliandr Group" is engaged in the manufacture of custom-made furniture. Also, masters make soft wall panels, which can also be used as a headboard.
  • OOO "Studio Furniture" is located in Moscow inShopping center "Elitstroymaterialy". The studio is engaged in the manufacture of furniture and doors to order, including any headboards: hard and soft, made from fabric, leather and other materials.
  • Lithuanian company Masari offers solutions for home and office, produces non-standard furniture.
  • Salon of English furniture Nabokoff - domestic company, founded in 1993. Represents the best interior brands in the UK, produces custom-made furniture.
  • Artpole is the largest Russian manufacturer of 3D wall panels that can also be used as a headboard.
  • Interior-studio Marilux - more than 15 years in the market, most often works directly with architects / designers / decorators. Engaged in the production of custom-made headboards.
  • The official distributor of the brand Curations Limited - among the products there are wall panels that can be used as a headboard.
  • Company "KADO" - the supplier of elite portier andUpholstery fabrics on the market since the 90's. There is a wide range of designer fabrics for upholstery from Europe and the USA. Only for professional designers and furniture manufactories.
  • Company Voyage Maison - Scottish manufacturer of furniture and accessories for the house, including a headboard.
  • The design bureau of Home Emotions is founded by designers Ekaterina Rebrova and Elena Povorova. In addition to design projects are engaged in the manufacture of upholstered furniture on individual sketches.
  • The Russian company A & E is engaged in the manufacture and installation of wall panels and mosaics made of leather or fabric.
  • Brand Furniture laboratory has been creating designer furniture special forms with custom design solutions. Only for designers.
  • Trendy Mebel specializes in the design and manufacture of furniture for the private and contract sector. It is possible to make a headboard to order.
  • Designer's studio Zhenya Zhdanova. There are many things you can do to order. But it's the headboard that can be called the visiting card of the workshop.