Headquarters of original ideas: how to save the office from stereotypes

Can the interior be motivated by a solution?non-standard tasks? Yes! Today we will tell on the example of a very unusual office in the center of Moscow on how to create a truly memorable workspace

Vintage fireplace, walking tables and the spirit of DavidLynch, looking through the window, - here he is, the smiling facade of creative consulting. The office of the independent company Proekt Agency, one of the most daring public interiors in Moscow, appeared in the heart of its historical part - Granatny Lane. These guys say they are doing "more than they should, because the result is a consequence of effort beyond the comfort zone." What conditions are necessary for people who are engaged in promotion of large commercial real estate?

In response, architect Ekaterina Kletskaya proposedbold mix of vintage, modern aesthetics and naive elements. The mixture was convincing and harmoniously blended into the first floor of the old building in the center of Moscow. Ekaterina Kletskaya, architect Founder and creative director of the company Iceoff, specializing in the construction and design of public interiors. She graduated from the Moscow Institute of Architecture, teaches at the Higher British School of Design. Ekaterina Kletskaya, architect - These peoplecreative business. It is important and useful for them to switch. The idea of ​​mixing different styles, eras and genres suited for this best. Vintage began "from the stove" - ​​from a real French fireplace of the XIX century, which Roman brought from Paris. I really liked the idea. Later, other old elements were added. When the workers removed the former painted plasterboard from the walls, an unusual brickwork appeared - very strange, uneven, mixed with stones. We wanted to leave it, and we experimented for a long time. As a result, something was painted, something was covered with lacquer, and some walls were covered with English wallpaper with a classic pattern, which led to the ceiling. It turned out a very interesting decorative capsule. In total there are five rooms in the office: a meeting room, an open-space, a kitchen, a wardrobe and a bathroom. Classical in appearance, the English front door is not worth it, but flies over the floor. This effect is achieved with a minimalist ladder, designed specifically. Guests are greeted by a corner-studio withequipment exhibited as if for show. The solution is not to hide the soffits in the cabinets effectively both aesthetically and practically: here they not only generate ideas, they are able to quickly implement them. Mirrors hide heavy pillars and create a slightly theatrical atmosphere. The free working area allows you to easily move around a large oval table with rosettes in the counter, individual light and personal noise protection. Chairs with "hoods" made it possible to avoid additional acoustic solutions and to preserve the vaulted ceiling. Part of the furniture was designed specifically for thisroom by sketches of Catherine in Iceoff. This furniture and brings in the interior of that very "naive" spirit. Pink racks with a holey bottom section and tables with legs resembling dinosaur paws from children's animation add to the office space very relevant notes of irony and extravagance. It was risky to create them - prototyping and testing of time was not enough. But everything turned out and "works" for several months already. Special attention is given to lighting. On the ground floor it is always not enough. Ekaterina Kletskaya, architect - I was very worried that light would not be enough. And we came up with lighting diode tapes in the windows themselves. It turned out very cool: the light falls into the room at the same angle as the sun. You can enhance the natural lighting with white, moonlight, and you can turn on color - and create a club atmosphere. In the office, where something unusual is always happening, it turned out to be very useful. On the windowsills, oblique at an angle of 45 degrees,- Snow-white pillows. It is convenient to lean on them, if you need a little distraction and look out the window. Washing them is also convenient - they are made of leatherette. The ability to switch, constantly change the tempo and mood while working - one of the main ideas of this amazing interior. It even works uncompromisingly bright bathroom in the style of illusions of James Tarrell. Ekaterina Kletskaya, architect - This is something like color therapy. Such a room takes a person beyond his usual visual experience. When you leave there, for the first few seconds you perceive differently the surrounding space. Probably, if in the company were engaged in a cargo transportation or the right, I would not offer such decision. But in this case it turned out to be both logical and useful.

Convincingly combine such difficult to combinecolors, textures and effects - the task is not easy, but not boring. After several months of work in this interior, the employees admit that they did not come up with anything to complain about. Maybe add chairs to the meeting room. And make in the kitchen a cafe with small tables. However, this is also going to Iceoff. Roman Krikheli, creative director of Proekt Agency, the customer: - First there was a very cool feeling. Surprise. Shock. Pride in your office. Then the effect of novelty passed. But the joy remained. The kayf that you feel when standing next to the fireplace, leaning on the pillow at the window sill, you look at the faces of the guests coming for the first time ... It turned out to be a very closed and cozy space, at the same time having a creativity.