House and Cottage

Very clever! House with secrets from the designer Andrea Castrignano


For those who value freedom, it keeps pace with the times,loves new technologies and cares about the environment, like the interior of this house. Here are a lot of interesting finds and ideas HI HOME - a pilot project designer designer Andrea Castrignano (Andrea Castrignano), which is based on secrets and unexpected solutions that cause surprise and admiration. In one space there is a living room, a library, a dining room and a kitchen. Everything in the interior looks modern, stylish and gives a sense of freedom.

Secret kitchen

She immediately attracts attention with her white color.and unusual layout and interesting in that it is easy to transform. If necessary, the kitchen can be closed, and then it will be difficult for the uninitiated to guess that it is hidden behind gray partitions, which outwardly resemble ordinary closed cabinets. This is not the end of the tricky tricks. An eye-catching painting sits between the kitchen and dining areas. But if you move it a little to the side, it turns out that in fact it is a secret door. This makes the dining room corner even more interesting.


The living room area was marked with dark accents.A lot of attention in this house is given to books. They are everywhere: in the shelves, in the lower niches, on the hanging shelves in the bedroom, and even just on the floor. Apparently, the owners of this cozy nest love to spend time reading. You can imagine how they sit with a book in their hands in an unusual green chair made of boards. A large floor lamp with a wide shade hangs over it, illuminating this area. By the way, the chair itself is a kind of eye-catching magnet. Since the whole house is saturated with an eco-atmosphere, it is more than appropriate here. Think, maybe you have old boards too. See what a wonderful piece of furniture and a real piece of art that deserves the closest attention you can make of them.

"Smart House"

There are many interesting "smart systems" in this room.and receptions. One of them is underfloor heating. See how efficiently the under-bed space in your bedroom is heated. The decor of the refreshing green carpet is created by modular tiles, which are made from environmentally friendly materials. A distinctive feature of such a coating is its high thermal insulation and sound-absorbing properties. Our opinion Modular tiles are often used in combination with warm floors. This is especially true for rooms with high humidity. In addition, this material is easy to install: no glue is required. Since the tile is a rather heavy material, it will not wrap. Agree, it's very convenient and comfortable. And if you consider that you can hide telephone and computer wires under it, then this is just wonderful and, most importantly, functional. Modular tiles are treated with dust-repellent and antibacterial substances, so you do not need to constantly vacuum them and spend electricity on it (energy saving is one of the important factors in eco-interiors).

Concrete and moss - a stylish combination

There is a shower room next to the bedroombooth and toilet. Eco-style is more vivid here than in other rooms of this house: on the floor - boards, on the walls - the image of bamboo thickets, instead of the ceiling - moss. One cannot but pay attention to the square sinks made of concrete. This material has become very popular lately. Some designers consider it to be the material of the future, as it is durable, easy to manufacture and relatively inexpensive. It is not for nothing that concrete is also used in the decoration of the walls throughout the room. Our opinion Concrete looks like natural stone. It is durable. Wallpaper will tear, wood will crack sooner or later, and concrete will serve for a long time. Moreover, it is easy to take care of him. Concrete walls wash quickly and are not afraid of moisture, heat and cold. They are able to withstand heavy loads. They are not afraid of mechanical damage. If desired, concrete can be painted in a wide variety of colors and create incredible textures with it. In this case, the designer used a pure gray color to fit well into the overall concept of the room.


HI HOME - modern smart home, finishedwhich is dominated by natural materials. Concrete walls, metal and glass inserts, spotlights bring industrial elements to the interior. Natural textiles and wooden flooring create a warm atmosphere. The house, as the designer intended, turned out to be special. Its main criteria are convenience, comfort, functionality, environmental friendliness and safety. And new technologies make living in it more functional and comfortable.