Organization of space

Home library: what to do and how to paint?

Today we will talk about how you canOrganize a cabinet-library, choose a color scheme for the future of a stylish interior and find out what paint can be used to paint gypsum boards. Paper books are still welcome guests in many apartments, and the library cabinet format becomes more mobile, compact and stylish. Now it is not difficult to place books in a limited space. And at the same time it is not necessary to install bulky cabinets: thanks to the plasterboard construction, it was possible to create original shelves in a wide variety of spaces. This material provides unlimited possibilities: it is practical, functional and environmentally friendly. Smooth surface allows you to create the most incredible designs.

Drywall solves the problem of non-standard layout

Gypsum plasterboard shelves expand the possibilitiesRational use of space. Also with their help, the problem of uncomfortable angles is easily solved. And really, why not keep books on the corner shelf? Use shelf-niches for zoning the room or as an original wall decor. For example, interesting designs look like large letters filled with books. Install shelves on non-standard walls where it is impossible to place ordinary furniture. Use the area above the door or next to the windows.

Shelf color

Different shades of shelves will help create in the roomThe mood you need, and the books will act as additional decorative elements. Today we will share interesting ideas on how to create a cozy and comfortable space with the help of color.

Walls and shelves in one color scheme

In any interior fit shelves, painted in theThe same shade as the walls. And do not be afraid that they will merge: the roots of books will dilute monotony. You can use the paint to tone darker. Gray-blue, milk-coffee or any neutral gamma will create an easy contrast and will suit any interior.

Bright color

If you want something bright and invigorating,Boldly experiment. Paint the shelves in a fiery red, green or orange color, and in this case execute the room in a neutral range. Be sure to pay attention to accessories in the tone of the shelf: they will create harmony in the interior.

Separate sections

However, it is not necessary to paint the whole regiment inOne bright color: this option is not entirely appropriate in small spaces. Limit yourself to just a few sections. As a result, the room will not be overloaded with color.

Paint inside the niche

If you like bright colors, but the room you haveA small, excellent solution will paint the wall inside the niche with a juicy paint. Do not fill the shelves with books completely: so they will look more attractive.

3 colors

An amazing effect is obtained when the shelvesInside are painted with different colors. To achieve this, choose 3 blended shades, for example white, red and light brown. Or take a calm light blue color scheme in combination with a gray color.

Dark colors

Dark colors, such as black-and-blue, gray orGreen, create a luxurious atmosphere. Not everyone dares to take such a bold step. But if you use contrasting details and book bindings, as well as glossy paint, glamorous gloss is guaranteed to your interior!

Helpful Tips

  • Looks great interior, in which the color of the shelves resonates with the color of furniture or other accessories.
  • If the books wrap in the covers of harmonizing with the interior shades, they will become an excellent decor element.
  • Without pre-putty plasterboard can not bePaint: in some places, the surface can absorb more paint or quickly dry, and as a result, spots will appear. In addition, behind the putty it is necessary to hide all the irregularities, seams and screws.
  • Suitable for working with gypsum plasterboard is water-dispersion and water-based paint.