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Interior hookah: how to equip the apartment. Design examples


Yes, a hookah bar can be easily equipped inapartment, and it will add flavor to your home, without poisoning the air and life of neighbors. How to do this - we will tell you in our article, as well as demonstrate 8 mind-blowing designer hookahs Since smoking in public places has been banned, it is not easy for those who like to smoke. We offer a worthy (and incredibly trendy) alternative to harmful cigarettes - hookah. The fashion for hookah smoking came to us from Eastern countries back in the 19th century and, it seems, has remained forever. It is not surprising, because hookah is a fascinating ritual, a real art, and a great way to relax. Hookah pluses:

  • Excellent pastime for the company of friends and an extra reason to get together. By the way, hookah can smoke and those who are driving (of course, if there is no alcohol in the hookah flask).
  • "Hookah evenings" can be arranged even onRemovable apartments: unlike cigarette smoke, hookah is devoid of a pronounced unpleasant odor, it is not so strongly absorbed in interior items and easily eroded.
  • Non-tobacco hookah mixtures do not contain harmfulResins and nicotine. 95% of the inhaled hookah smoke is just water vapor. Therefore, it dries much less throats than cigarettes, and dissipates very quickly. By the way, in the eastern countries a hookah is allowed to smoke for women and even for children (although we, of course, strongly advise the younger generation to protect the hookah smoke from all the same).
  • For those who quit smoking, hookah onUnpretentious mixtures - a real find. He makes the rejection of cigarettes less painful, gradually reducing addiction. The hookah itself does not cause any dependence, since, we repeat, the nonstab mixtures do not contain nicotine. The maximum that threatens you is an emotional attachment to the process of smoking hookah, after all, it is considered to be a real art.
  • To figure out how to do it rightto organize a hookah room in our own apartment, to find out everything about tobacco-free mixtures and the best hookahs in the world, we turned to Mikhail Lukyanov from ArtSmoke. Mikhail Lukyanov, representative of ArtSmoke ArtSmoke is the official Russian distributor of the world famous manufacturer of the highest quality hookahs Meduse Design. Hookah smoking has been widespread for a long time, but another boom in the arrangement of hookah rooms and the order of tobacco-free mixtures happened this year - after the ban on smoking in restaurants, bars and other public places. Many people thought that there was simply no need to visit places where you could not relax the way you wanted, and began to look for an alternative to both cigarettes and smoking rooms. Mikhail Lukyanov, ArtSmoke: - At the moment, the rights of smokers are greatly infringed upon, and making a hookah zone at home is the only option to create a pleasant atmosphere according to your own rules. And this is a great opportunity to fantasize and embody your idea of ​​an oriental fairy tale in the interior of a hookah bar. Tips for arranging a hookah roomDecide on a place for a hookah bar. If you are setting it up in a small city apartment, a balcony is perfect. At the dacha or in a private house, you can use attic rooms for a hookah bar. Choose a well-ventilated area.Or take care of a quality ventilation system. Otherwise, hookah smoking risks turning into headaches rather than relaxation. Consider fire safety. Make sure that the apartment has a fire extinguisher (by the way, they have an expiration date, do not forget to check it in time) and place it in the immediate vicinity of the hookah room. Mikhail Lukyanov, ArtSmoke: - The basis of security is common sense. It is desirable that the hookah bar has a floor made of non-combustible material: porcelain stoneware, metal will do. After all, no one is safe from accidentally dropping coals when serving. Take care of your comfort. For the interior design of the hookah room, the oriental style is most often chosen, with a large number of poufs and pillows. By the way, the placement of the smoking area on the podium is characteristic (which functionally can also serve as an additional storage place). Think in advance about the placement of guests in your hookah room and stock up on the necessary accessories. Don't forget about the table.Even if you plan to smoke an outdoor hookah, the table will certainly come in handy for board games, snacks and, of course, drinks. Its choice depends on the size of the zone. For example, a folding model is possible on the balcony. Mikhail Lukyanov, ArtSmoke: - While smoking a hookah, you need to drink water, as long-term smoking dehydrates the body. Get a stylish and quality hookah.After all, it can be not just a functional unit, but also a real gem of the interior of your hookah room. Mikhail Lukyanov, ArtSmoke: - You should only choose high-quality products from well-known brands. The most hygienic can be called glass hookahs, since glass does not oxidize. The best representative of glass hookahs is Meduse hookahs. Each model is manufactured to the highest quality standards, and the choice is limited only by the specifics of the interior and the budget. Meduse hookahs are made of Bohemian glass using old techniques. Meduse Design studio, which regularly participates in various exhibitions, among others received the prestigious international Golden A 'Design Award 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 for the most incredible design. These hookahs are very fond of many famous businessmen, politicians and, of course, show business stars. A few words about tobacco-free mixtures Mixes, notcontaining tobacco are much less harmful than cigarettes, cigars and cigarillos. The range of such non-tobacco mixtures is now quite wide - demand creates supply. Mikhail Lukyanov, ArtSmoke: - At the moment there are quite a lot of different tobacco-free smoking mixtures on the market. Basically, they differ in the type of raw material: it can be vegetable raw materials or special steam stones based on natural materials. Everyone chooses what he likes - the main thing is that the product has the necessary documents confirming its legality. On a note! It is not at all necessary to use only water as a filter in a hookah. Gourmets can make real cocktails for hookah flasks! Suitable ingredients are fruits and berries, aromatic herbs, milk, coffee beans, and alcohol (for those who like it hot).,,,