House and Cottage

House of 20 square meters in Paris


Where to stay in Paris, so as not to go broke? Is it possible to fit everything you need on an area of ​​20 square meters? Answers to all these questions - in our today's material This charming two-storey house is located between four other buildings in Paris. And let its living space is only 20 square meters, but here you can enjoy a cozy atmosphere and bohemian lifestyle in the legendary Montmartre district. By the way, the great Van Gogh once lived and worked nearby. And this happiness is given up for $ 100 per day. Overcoming the entrance door of the house, we immediatelyget into the living room, combined with the kitchen. The whole room is decorated in white, which is very advantageous for such a small room. Here, even small pendant cabinets in tone with the walls are designed to visually expand the space and make it as free as possible in such tiny apartments. Apparently, the places for the dinner table are not at allenough, so the emphasis was on the picture, the character of which really reminds young Lenin. And from the furniture they decided to use an antique suitcase in the role of a coffee table, a leather armchair and a couch about one year old with Ilyich. But all this - in the spirit of the fashionable capital of France, and it looks interesting. Climbing the stairs to the top, we find ourselves inbedroom where several squares were "stolen" for the bathroom. Along the wall there is a small closet for storing things, and the lion's share of the space was occupied by a double bed. Again, the white finish, slightly diluted with a blue hue, saves the small room, bringing in it airiness and weightlessness. The absence of curtains fills the roomnatural light, which is also a huge plus. And minimalism in the situation is the only correct decision that could ever be. In a compact bathroom everything is done in white. The bathroom here would obviously be superfluous, so the choice fell on a comfortable shower cubicle with transparent doors. Even on 20 square meters, the designers managed tocreate a cozy and elegant corner with all the amenities, where you can comfortably sit for a while to get acquainted with the beauties of Paris. And if you liked this house so much that even now you can stop by and live, but there is no way to go to Paris for this, there is a way out. You can borrow some techniques and successfully apply them in your realities. How? We have several ideas.

  • If you have a small piece of land and youlong dreamed of moving to the summer for nature, such a house can be built as a summer residence. So you will save precious weave, on which you can break a vegetable garden or grow flowers.
  • You have a house or an apartment, but you wantoptimally place a small area of ​​many functional areas? The ideas of this Parisian house will perfectly suit you as a starting point. High ceilings allow you to carry the bedroom area upstairs, and for this you do not need to build a second floor. Just think about how to play the constructive details that are in your room, which you did not pay attention to before.
  • Use a small living area areacan be even more effective if instead of a sofa or armchairs with a table to build here a podium in height of 30-50 centimeters. It can be used as a place for rest or reception of guests, having issued beautiful pillows or textiles.
  • Having provided such a podium drawers, yousolve the problem of storing a large part of things that usually take up a lot of space in cabinets and on shelves. Or just lying around anywhere. And as an extra bed, such an elevation, if necessary, is fine - just add a mattress.
  • A small folding table on wheels cansolve several tasks in a mini-room. It is easy to move together with dishes and food between the kitchen area and living rooms, it will not interfere with you when you start cleaning, it can easily be folded and leaned against the wall if it is not necessary. At the same time, a laptop is conveniently located on such a table, if you need to work, as well as a minimal set of papers and stationery.