House and Cottage

House-palace, which is worth a look at least for the sake of a huge kitchen -

"The Royal Chambers" in New Jersey ... Actually, everything. We have not seen this, you probably too

You think, only our over-represented charactersThink themselves almost the emperors of the whole world and therefore arrange for themselves locks "so that as a king"? Let's break stereotypes together and raise eyebrows. Here is an example of the interpretation of "Russian" baroque in the Franklin Lakes region of New Jersey.

Impressive this house is strong and for a long time. Although, frankly, the kitchen attracted us the most. Unlike the rest of the gilded splendor, this space does not weigh anything at all. Soft green shade, floral ornaments and hand-painted made their work - it's cozy and even interesting.

By the way, the kitchen is really almost the only so expensive decorated room in the house. Red-brown cabinet, lilac-goldDining room, bright blue room with a sofa and an unusual kind of bedroom remind museum spaces, which will have to walk in shoe covers. Complex colors and the prohibitive concentration of luxury in every inch draws a line under all projects of this kind and leave only one thought - is it possible to live happily here? The answer, most likely, will be "yes", since the whole interior here is really thought through to the smallest detail. Even stucco molding and forging on the rails are copyright.