House and Cottage

The house is where the heart is: the interior of the former townhouse Courtney Love


Scandalous character prevents Courtney Love from findingcommon language with others, so she is forced to periodically move. However, every home the star always tries to turn into a cozy home for himself and his daughter. Let's see on July 9, the shocking American singer, actress and former wife of the legendary soloist of the group Nirvana Courtney Love turns 50 years old. The star meets her anniversary in the next rented apartment in Manhattan, to which she had to move after an unpleasant trial with the previous landlord. It's a pity! After all, a beautiful townhouse in the West Village (New York), where Courtenney used to live, became her real home. Despite the fact that Courtney never didhappy owner of her own home, she does not lose heart. The famous phrase "The house where the heart" became her motto. That is why all visitors to her temporary housing in the West Village literally froze on the doorstep of the house, struck by the cozy creative atmosphere that reigned inside. Charming eclectic interior of the townhouse, fromwhich is so tender and feminine, contradicts the shocking, sometimes even vulgar image of Courtney Love. It seems to be a reflection of the inner world of the star - subtle, fragile, beautiful. Each room is carefully decorated. Vintage accessories and furniture, combined with paintings, photographs, statuettes, vases filled with fruits and sweets, create a fashionable and at the same time very homely atmosphere. The interior of the apartment is saturated with soft deepshades of blue and violet. They are present in the decoration of walls, in furniture upholstery, in painting. Thanks to them, the interior seems light and a little unreal. There is a feeling that all the furnishings are hovering in this bluish haze, as if in a dream.

Interior Rules by Courtney Love

  • Even rented accommodation can become your home,if you are ready to put your strength and soul into its design. The simplest and most inexpensive solution to this problem is to fill the house with personal items: photographs, books, pictures.
  • While doing interior design, tryto embody in it all your dreams. Let the children, funny and ridiculous, but yours. Paint the walls in your favorite color, buy a bulky, but comfortable rocking chair, put a vase with an orange tree in the middle of the living room. In general, arrange everything so that you would like to return to this house.