House and Cottage

House with Ferrari: how to make a car part of the interior

Leaving the car at night in the parking lot or in the yard,Each of us at heart is worried about his iron horse. The owner of this car went much further and put it in his living room! For many, luxuries are luxury cars, brand watches and private helicopters, but in Hong Kong luxury is space. Its catastrophically not enough, Chinese designers need to think out how, despite the small area of ​​the house, make it as spacious and comfortable as possible. Specialists from the company with the spoken name Millimeter Interior Design created a stunning minimalistic house with Asian motifs. Equipped with the latest technology, it is located in the picturesque district of Sai-Kung in the south-east of the city. And its innovative feature was the internal garage with glass walls and partitions, which are used in the concept of the whole dwelling. There is a red sports Ferrari, giving the interior the extravagance and refinement inherent in the homes of true collectors. The creation of such a construction required a lotEfforts to redevelop the building. But the result was worth it. On the first level there is a studio, which includes a living room and a dining area. Narrow kitchen, which is below the floor level, may seem too small, but due to the fact that every detail is thoroughly thought out, it turned out to be multifunctional and convenient. An elevator table hidden in the floor is also interesting, ready to rise at any moment to the desired height, so that you can eat for it. The entire residence consists of 3 levels and an internalCourtyard with a small swimming pool. With the first we have already met, we proceed to the second. There are 4 bedrooms with bathrooms (2 of which are guest), as well as a common room with a spacious sofa and a coffee table. Large panoramic windows throughout the house provide excellent natural light. The elegant staircase fits very nicely into the overall picture and connects all the floors. On the third level there is a spacious bedroomOwner, his bathroom, a dressing room, a private office and a small terrace with a magical view of the beauty of Hong Kong. It is impossible to pass by the ultramodern simulator from a hydrocarbon, which also beckons to stretch the bones. In general, the interior in gray-white colors turned out stylish, comfortable, and most importantly, very spacious, despite the limitations in space.

How to make the most of available space.

  • Prefer open planning: with the disappearance of partitions, a lot of useful space is saved.
  • Multifunctional furniture and built-in appliances are indispensable helpers in the struggle for additional square meters.
  • Leave the door only where you can not do without them, so they do not eat up space.
  • Part of the partitions make glass: so the room visually will seem more spacious.
  • If you have a Ferrari, Lamborghini and their ilk, find their place in the house - it will be cool.