House and Cottage

Home for happiness: eclecticism, in which it is pleasant to live


How to harmoniously blend several styles towhile the interior looked simple, laconic and stylish? Today we go to the outskirts of Madrid, where there is a cozy little house, which is decorated in an unusual style of Eclectic style - the style of creative people. It allows you to mix different directions, apply interesting and unusual solutions in the interior, it gives freedom in self-expression. In this style there is an amazingly warm and cozy house, located in Spain. It is filled with interesting things, and its furnishings set for rest. What is its peculiarity?

Two styles in one

This small house combines two styles:Mediterranean and Scandinavian. They are somewhat similar to each other: they are united by simplicity, the use of natural materials, color schemes. In this house, Scandinavian restraint and coldness are diluted with southern temperament and warmth. It can be seen that an enthusiastic, extraordinary personality lives here. This is a woman who loves to create things with her own hands, loves to cook and receive the closest people at home. The creative nature of the owner of the house is indicated by the numerous decor items created by her. For example, a textile dachshund, paper Christmas trees, an impromptu New Year tree decorated with homemade toys.

Central place

The hospitality of the hostess can be judged by the living roomroom. Large windows without curtains let in light, a fireplace gives warmth, comfortable armchairs and sofas are conducive to leisure and relaxation. The round table saves space due to its shape. And the lower table top in it makes it possible to place more items. This suggests that for the mistress of the house, practicality and functionality are in the first place. The living room is connected to the dining room. This is true for both styles. And the kitchen has a small, but separate place here. It is located in a niche and stands out from the main space with Moroccan tiles on the floor.

Color as background

The main colors of the interior are muted, simple,which allows you to focus on details: paintings, crafts, decorative pillows, knitted items, handmade furniture. Ethnic motives can be seen in woven carpets and textiles. There are also elements that set you in a romantic mood - butterflies, hearts, stars, flowers. Pay attention to the bedroom. The bed is the centerpiece. It is very simple, but thanks to such bright textiles and decor items, the setting is very sensual. Our opinion: - Since the bathroom does not have large dimensions, it was possible to expand it due to the light colors and the original wall decoration. A wide horizontal strip makes the room visually voluminous.

Simple storage locations

A tall roomy sideboard is used in the kitchen.Glass doors make it possible to see everything - where and what is. Interestingly, instead of a partition, a dividing wardrobe with open shelves is used between the living room and the bedroom. So there were two entrances to the room. Wicker baskets and a ladder act as additional storage systems. They go well with natural materials and knits. The whatnot looks especially impressive, the legs of which are made of branches.

Natural beauty and aesthetics

Naturalness of materials, simplicity, brevityand the rationality inherent in the Scandinavian style are diluted in this interior with cute accessories typical of the Mediterranean interior. They bring lightness and comfort to the interior. Lack of pretentiousness, light wood on the floor creates a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. The interior uses aged pieces of furniture, semi-antique lamps, animal skins. All this also makes the environment cozy. It is noticeable that the hostess of the house has a special love for insects and animals. There are especially many images and figurines of horses in the house. Perhaps this is due to her profession, we can assume that she is a biologist. Our opinion: - It is worth remembering that it is not recommended to mix more than three different styles to create your ideal, individual interior. Eclecticism allows you to combine modern objects with stylish old furniture in one interior. The main thing is that they get along with each other and combine color, texture.