House and Cottage

House with a swimming pool: a cool example from the suburbs


What does an ideal holiday home look like? The authors of this project connected the living room with a swimming pool and arranged a cinema zone on the ground floor. But this is not all

Why decorate your living room with outdoor furniture?As it turned out, this is the best solution when the pool borders the living room. However, this is just one of the striking solutions implemented by the architect Tatyana Levina in the house, where the atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility literally permeates every centimeter. Tatiana Levina, architect

Member of the Union of Moscow Architects.

She graduated from the Moscow Institute of Architecture in specialization "Residential and public buildings".

Laureate of many professional awards and competitions.

The house was designed by the authors "from scratch". The name of the project Relaxhome fully corresponds to its main purpose - it is a holiday home.

Exterior, the authors created the correspondingexisting house, so it turned out ensemble. The final planning solution fully corresponds to the original idea of ​​the authors: a large living room (it's a rest room), from it you can get to the spa zone (pool, hammam, sauna), to the kitchen, to the bathroom and to the garage. That is, from the garage there is a separate entrance to the house.

On the second floor there is a private zone - bedrooms. On the ground floor, the authors organized a home theater.

The color solution in this project is executed in contrast. Available colors: beige, brown, anthracite, gray and white.

Such an ascetic selection of colors is made consciously - for accentuating the turquoise color of water. Mosaic in the pool is also matched beige, in the color of the floor. Turquoise color is obtained due to the density of the water itself.

Element of the fireplace with the TV is made according to sketches. It looks like a big stone of the right shape.

Kitchen Doka was supposed to support the created space, work together with him. Therefore, the color "anthracite" was the basis for the coloring of the facades.

In the living room, the authors from the very beginning plannedto put outdoor furniture. All the items were selected very carefully, it was important to create the right atmosphere. Quality was also of great importance. Therefore, the choice fell on furniture from the B & B and Riva 1920. For this case, the solution can be called more than practical, after the pool on this furniture can sit down without the slightest fear.

For the bathroom was immediately approved collection Villeroy & Boch Pure Stone. It fits perfectly into the interior.

In the decoration of the walls of this project are applied: stone, paint, facing brick and thermal wood. The combination of these materials allowed creating the necessary atmosphere. The textiles on the sofas are street again.

On the windows there are wooden blinds. All the elements of the interior were chosen by the authors in such a way that they worked on each other and together on a common idea. And the main idea of ​​the project is rest, sea, relaxation.

Two doors (to the left and to the right of the wall with a fireplace and TV) are made from the floor to the ceiling. This gave a feeling of lightness. One of the three mirrors on the wooden wall is the door.

The floors are made of beige porcelain tiles. And in this case the choice is caused by practicality.

In order not to lose the sense of volume, the authors installed a glass partition between the living room and the pool.

The most important for the authors of the project was to implement it in maximum compliance with the 3D project. Which turned out fully.

The most valuable in the work of the authors call the trust of customers. Without it, it is impossible to implement the project well. But the main thing is that the customer and the architect were satisfied with the result.