House and Cottage

The house where the fairy tale lives


We fell in love with this house at first sight. In it there is no sugaryness of the country and the coldness of modern wooden houses. If you were looking for a house that you would like to make your own look like, perhaps this is the one version. What could be closer to a Russian person than a reliable wooden house? And what if this house is half stone and decorated with solid tree trunks? You feel sorry for the forest, which lost valuable specimens? Do not be discouraged, the trees used forThe construction of this house, were dead at the time of uprooting and were to be eaten by a bark beetle. However, the efforts of the architects who have fallen asleep by eternal sleep have acquired a new purpose as a "fairytale" decoration of the forest mansion. Of course, to embody the idea of ​​such a scale to us withYou are unlikely to succeed, but we need to derive some good ideas. First, do not be tempted by the idea that to create an amazing interior it is enough to drag a couple of especially outstanding snags out of the woods. Before "register" in the house the next itemEcological decor, it must be treated with special substances that protect the material from pests, moisture, dust and other troubles waiting for the child of nature in a completely unnatural environment for him. If you are interested in the idea of ​​continuousGlazing, look at the houses built in the tradition of half-timbered houses. New construction technologies make it possible to turn all the walls at once into huge windows, without any harm to the internal climate, of course.

On a note!

  • The dark tree will not look gloomy if you work hard on lighting. Make it three-level.
  • Distract attention from the shortcomings of the decor can be done with the help of the long-known rule - emphasizing the advantages of all the same backlighting, this time point.
  • Stone and wood, of course, have a commonNatural origin, but to connect them, have to work. Add a few more natural elements of neutral colors - wicker baskets, wool carpets, pottery.
  • Architecture in the style of country is not a reasonTo abandon their style preferences - surrounded by coarse natural materials equally elegant will look like elegant classical furniture, and ultra-modern minimalistic objects. The main thing here is the right decor.
  • Wood and stone - sounds harsh. Dilute this sensation with soft textiles: cushions for chairs, rugs, skins, carpets and paths - you can not think of a cozier.