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How to add another room to the house: squeeze the maximum out of the attic -


How to expand a private house, townhouse or a warm oneDacha without rebuilding them? The attic is the fastest way to additional meters. We transform the closet under a roof into a spacious room and consider what can be saved. Councils of experts are attached The dream of any teenager and pragmatic romanticism of his parents are found under the roof. Each owner of an individual house or apartment on the last floor of a suburban low-rise building at least once with enthusiasm considered the empty attic meters. The attic has long ceased to be exotic. But many still worry about unforeseen waste and complex construction work. In practice, everything is not so scary. Most private houses in Russia are built withPitched roof, the most convenient design for the equipment of an additional floor. It can be done in one and a half to two months, and with a reasonable approach - and within the framework of a moderate budget.

1. Where to start

Experts and builders unanimously advisePlan the construction of the attic even at the design stage. Even if you are not going to move under the roof immediately, leave yourself the opportunity for the future: bring the main communications - water, heating and sewage. This will later save on building materials and additional work. But if the chance is missed, it does not matter. With rare exceptions, the current level of construction technology allows you to do all this from within, without interfering with the supporting structures. This attic, for example, was converted intoa program from a non-residential attic of an old house in Saltykovka - a well-known "starodachny" place near Moscow. Designer Vitalia Romanovskaya called her project "Chest" and proposed several amazing solutions at once: a retro stove similar to a stove was cut into the chimney pipe, which the owners have not used for a long time, and a suspended ceiling was installed on the bevels (this turned out to be faster, more convenient and cheaper than most other options ). When refurbishing the attic, Velux roof windows were used. Interior created by designer Vitaliy Romanovskaya Interior created by designer Vitaliy Romanovskaya Interior created by designer Vitalia RomanovskayaEkaterina Savkina, designer: - Pay attention to the small cozy corner for reading and relaxation under the attic window. Thus, you can zone the space. The window helps not only to illuminate this part of the room, but also to create a local island of privacy, which looks very appropriate in a country house interior with traditions. Interior created by designer Vitaliy Romanovskaya Interior created by designer Vitaliy Romanovskaya Interior created by designer Vitaliy RomanovskayaOur opinion: - As with any repair, the first thing you have to do is to come up with a design project. It will depend not only on the color of the walls and the floor - this can just wait. It is important to immediately understand the location and configuration of windows, staircases, internal partitions and the location of the outputs of the main communications. After this, you can proceed to strengthen the floors, which must withstand the weight of people, furniture and technical devices. It is better to do this under the guidance of professionals who will help you correctly calculate the load-bearing structures for a full-fledged residential floor. All subsequent work under the roof is performed with the use of light materials, which create a minimal additional load on the floors. What can lead to frivolity in suchQuestions - understood. Let's say you dream of having a kitchen equipped with all the necessary household appliances under the roof, or a bathroom in retrostyle. Imagine that the weight of an empty cast-iron bath of medium size is 120-130 kg. And still there will be a man and water pour. You need to be sure that the overlap is ready for this. Such loads should be considered at the design stage.

2. Warming

The next step is warming. Thermal insulation material will protect you from the cold in winter and from the heat in summer. Without it, the inner room heats up much more. He is responsible for soundproofing during rains and thunderstorms. It is clear that it is not worth saving on it. Our opinion: - In the final form, the insulated construction should resemble a puff cake: load-bearing rafters - a roof and a roof with waterproofing - a heater with a hydrosensitive membrane - a vapor barrier - an inner covering of the attic (lining, gypsum board, etc.). Material for insulation should be chosen non-flammable and vapor-permeable, with a thickness of at least 20-25 centimeters. To prevent moisture from accumulating inside, a ventilation gap of 2-5 centimeters is left between the heater and the roofing. Then the air will remove the condensate that forms.

3. Lighting

Proximity to the sun, sky and stars is the mainThe source of the romantic reputation of the attic - you do not want to miss. The windows of the attic floor are planned on the gables (traditional or balcony aperture) and in the roof itself on the skates (auditory and attic). Conventional windows in the side walls, as a rule, are not enough to illuminate the whole attic with its complex geometry, especially if it needs to be divided by partitions. To the aid come constructions that are mounted directly into the roof and let in more light. Marina Prozarovskaya, Chief Engineer of VELUX:- It is important to understand that roof windows have a range of standard sizes. In residential premises, it is better to use windows with a size of 78 x 118 cm. In order to have enough light, according to building codes for every 10 square meters. m of the premises should be 1 sq. m windows. The area of ​​the window is easy to determine from the size table. For example, a 78 x 118 cm window is about 0.5 sq. m. This means that alone it can illuminate a room of 5-6 square meters. m. Using these rules, you can easily calculate the number and size of windows you need. It is clear that in children's rooms, living rooms and studios, it is better to provide more light than the minimum standard implies. The features of the room are also important when choosing a model. Classic wooden windows, environmentally friendly and warm, are better suited for the bedroom and living room. In the nursery, as well as where the window is located above the bed or workplace, choose a model with an internal triplex glass - it will protect against fragments if the window is broken. For a bathroom and other wet rooms, the best solution is white moisture-resistant windows. If the window is high, consider remote opening with a rod or remote control.

4. Decorating

Mansard pie ready for finishing worksUsually comes to the end with cladding lining, wall panels, plywood or plasterboard. The latter, perhaps, the most practical because of its durability and ability to resist moisture. Covered with putty gypsum cardboard can already be painted, plastered or wallpapered. Ekaterina Savkina, designer:- Interesting angular geometry of the attic is its main aesthetic plus and structural minus. When planning such rooms, remember that floor area is not a real usable area. On the other hand, it is thanks to the cozy niches, half-hidden corners and sloped ceilings in such spaces that children, both small and older, feel great. Interior created by designer Ekaterina Savkina Interior created by designer Ekaterina Savkina Interior created by designer Ekaterina Savkina Interior created by designer Ekaterina SavkinaLoft for a teenager - the last project of Catherine - is convincing proof of this. To create a comfortable studio, I had to complete the walls of the townhouse. These efforts more than offset the result. It turned out to be an optimal and almost autonomous space, in which everything is for the independent life of a young person: a sleeping area, a micro kitchen, a sofa, a TV and storage systems. At the bevels of the roof, Velux attic windows are installed. Interior created by designer Ekaterina Savkina Interior created by designer Ekaterina Savkina Interior created by designer Ekaterina Savkina Interior created by designer Ekaterina Savkina Interior created by designer Ekaterina SavkinaEkaterina Savkina, designer: - The most important thing in arranging an attic is good and thorough insulation and accurate and competent installation of correctly selected windows. Your further comfort depends on this - after all, we are talking about a roof that should not allow any leaks. It is better to invite specialists to install such windows. Otherwise, skylights look great, allow a lot of light to enter the interior, which is especially important for children's and teenage spaces, and create a wide range of possibilities: from the simplest models to designs with retractable balconies.

5. Budget

The most tangible savings will be obtained if the ownerwill take on at least some part of the work on the finishing of the attic. To all appearances, it will not be possible to save on roofing and lighting. Our opinion: - The price of converting an attic into a full-fledged residential floor depends entirely on the characteristics of the roof and can be very different. Having called several construction companies in the capital, we found out that the average cost of insulation, strengthening and budget finishing (lining) of an attic for a small country house (6 x 6 m) will cost about 10-14 thousand rubles per square meter of the resulting premises. If the budget is limited, you can take on the finishing or save on windows by installing simple basic models for a start (you can install suitable roof curtains on them, you can remote control later).