How to decorate the window with curtains: the secrets of designers

Recently, many people began to paygreat attention to the interior of your house. But at the same time, many people have a question: how to make a window, so that it perfectly harmonized with the interior situation of the room? After all, the window space is not only a source of light and communication with the outside world, it directly affects the overall appearance of the room and, with the right approach, skillfully helps to create the necessary comfort and comfort for a person. Therefore, some owners this becomes a real problem when moving to a new apartment or overhauling your own home. Window designFor the visual expansion of the room, long eaves are used.

Living room design

An important component of any room is considered to becurtains, which immediately catch sight of everyone entering, because they are in the central part of the dwelling. Therefore, with the help of these experienced designers create a unique style of the entire living room. The main accent in this work is made by experts on the correct selection of fabrics for curtains, so that they perfectly match the general interior, which usually includes walls, furniture and carpets. Also, the design of the window space itself depends directly on its size and shape. And modern fashion now offers new bold solutions, and people involved in housing development, now have a great choice in this direction. Variants of new types of design: The scheme of the ratio of the length and width of the curtains to the length and width of the window.

  • Today many owners prefer to issuethe window space of its living room with curtains in Roman style. Because in this case the room acquires a noble appearance, and maintenance and care for such a curtain section is not very difficult. The whole secret is to split the fabric evenly into two parts and gently sew a horizontal bar on the resulting line. The lower edge of the fabric can be trimmed as you like, for example, sew an elegant lace to it, and at the top of each curtain section for control pull out the auxiliary cord.
  • Roll version for window drapingspace looks great in small living rooms, as well as in the kitchen and attic. It is a normal cloth, which is simply wound on a special roller. This type is convenient in that the required height of the curtain section can be easily selected depending on the time of day. Typically, designers are interested in presenting the roll version with the help of different colors of curtain fabric, which should be the same in its texture.
  • Another version of the panel curtains is the Japanese style. He is pleased to choose those who equip their housing in an easterly direction. The appearance of such windows is a cloth fabric, framed in a special straight frame, located horizontally. Curtain canvas opens along the guide, and for the smoothness of their work here are provided weighting agents. Designers in their work often use natural or artificial fabrics with drawings and applications on the eastern theme. But most importantly, such brushes do not use any brushes, auxiliary cords or other other pick-ups.
  • Fans of oriental style have an excellentan alternative is to decorate your living room with Chinese curtains. By their design, they are similar to Japanese, but there is still a difference. To create a Chinese window cloth designers take a fabric equal in size to the window opening. And the height of the installed cloth is conveniently regulated by special bands on the strings. In addition to the living room, Chinese canvases can be installed in the bedroom or in the kitchen.
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    Bedroom design

    Scheme calculation for curtains. When working with a bedroom interior, the main task for every designer is to create a comfortable and comfortable room where a person can relax and rest easy. Therefore, knowing how to decorate the bedroom window correctly, a good specialist will use dense fabrics or curtains in his work. Such curtains will allow a person to darken the room qualitatively even during the day. Usually in a bedroom, furniture is a minimal set. Therefore, interior designers recommend that curtains are combined with a coverlet, carpet and decorative cushions, thereby giving the bedroom a single style. It is important that these things do not have sharp colors and transitions between them. Because such steep contrasts of flowers will irritate and disturb the person. To decorate the window space in the bedroom it is desirable to use natural fabrics. At the same time, place them tightly draped so that in the daytime rays of light can not penetrate into the room. It is appropriate to use fringes, brushes and various scallops in the bedroom. The choice of the texture of the fabric for sleeping rooms is huge, silk curtains and heavy velvet curtains will ideally look here. Also they can be perfectly connected with lace curtains, with curtains made of organza and translucent tulle. Back to contents</a>

    How to create a harmonious room

    Cornice installed under the ceiling, visuallywill make the room higher. Beautiful curtains, drapes and curtains perfectly decorate any room and at the same time successfully hide its shortcomings. For example, using a correctly designed window space, the room can be visually wider or higher if necessary. This is the secret in their work using professional interior designers. Secrets of designers:

  • In order to make the room wider, you needUse the cornice longer than the window space itself. In this case, a cornice is used that will be longer than a specific window on each side by about 20 cm. The curtains should be hung from the edge of the cornice.
  • In order to visually make the room higher,it is recommended to install the cornice under the ceiling. Then draw the window curtains from the eaves to the floor. In this case it is desirable to choose in the form of fastening eyelets or decorative rings, which are passed directly to the eaves bar.
  • Sometimes there is a need to visually lowerceilings or reduce the window space. In this case, you should use curtains only bright colors with large ornaments. In this case, they should be the same as the size of the window itself. As decorating elements you can use brushes, frills and lambrequins, which perfectly distract guests from high ceilings. Working in the interior of your house, you should remember that the window space is part of the wall, so the final window with curtains should make the room cozy or spacious. That is, the idea conceived by the owners of the house should be made ideally. For some, this task may seem impossible. But if you buy the necessary decorative details, cornices, curtains and connect your imagination, everyone can make their home exactly as they want.