Garden and plot

How to change the summer residence for May holidays -


You probably have your own well-defined planActions on the homestead, but we still decided to intervene and make several own proposals for pastime in the upcoming holidays

Prefer active holidays with a specific purposeand exact tasks? Then our list is for you. With your energy for the May holidays in the country you can move mountains, but our maximum program will entertain you rather than tire you. So. Paint the fence

He peeled off, scratched, squinted, or simplyHas stopped to please you with solar shades? So, it's time to go to the construction market for a couple of cans of paint cheerful colors, reread for the inspiration of Mark Twain and get down to business. Refresh the front of the house

Maybe it was on it, the wings broke offDo the cherubim above the portals or tracing paper on the corners no longer shine so brightly? In any case, you need a small bucket with a solution, a ladder and a pleasant melody in your head - we recommend something from the early Beatles. Get rid of winter garbage

Broken branches, undeveloped leaves, not knownWhere the arriving plastic bags and a pair of plastic bottles, a poor litter of wild animals, strolling in your possessions, while you were sitting in the warmth of a city apartment. Yes, little did it leave behind this capricious lady in the ice crown, you definitely will not need it, and that means - for the release. Clean the well

Water is something that must always be clean. Therefore, arm yourself with what, in your experience, will be able to rid the main value of our planet - and forward, to the battle with mud in the name of fresh water. Disassemble trash in the garage

Take a walk through the garage before transporting him to the car, and, casting a critical eye space, isolate all superfluous and spread in places where it would be more appropriate. Well, or throw it away. Wash the windows

Not the most pleasant pastime, besides often causes a prolonged rain with hurricane gusts of wind. But you do not believe in these prejudices, do you? Take away, finally, the Christmas tree

Yes, she was pleased with you from the middle of autumn, but it's time to say goodbye to the past and join a new sunny day. She has your roots? Well, then it's great! Dress up anew. Plant something

And do it several times. For example, two times a day. What will it be - dill or sequoia, depends on you. And we have fulfilled our duty.