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How to change the overall color of a child without repair: 5 tips and 25 ideas -


There are only a few weeks left until September 1, andthe main concern of parents now is to get the child to school. But what if you want not only to buy a new uniform and briefcase, but also to transform the nursery, and there is no time or money for repairs? We know at least 5 ways that will help you Autumn - the time of vitamin deficiency, inevitable blues and adaptation to school loads. To keep the child cheerful, energetic and happy, vitamins alone are often not enough. In the autumn, it is especially important to add colors to his life, and the easiest way to do this is by updating the color of the room. Is it possible with this? Definitely yes. And we will tell you how to do it.

Bright textiles

Curtains, tulle, cushions, plaids and, of course,Bed linen - your faithful companions in the struggle to update the color of the nursery. The colder it becomes outside the window, the warmer it should be in the room, so pay attention to the relevant part of the spectrum. Combine shades, patterns and textures, add as many bright spots as possible, or, on the contrary, choose textiles of the same color to make it dominant. Our opinion: - To the interior was harmonious, try to repeat the colors of textiles in something else. This can be a carpet, furniture, boxes for storing toys, pictures or photographs. It is not necessary to accurately reproduce the hue: it is enough to keep within the same color, but with half-tones you can play.

Vinyl stickers

Stickers - probably the fastest and easiestway to update the room. It can be a small or large figure, an ornament, a world map or a metro scheme, a figure or an entire artistic composition. Vinyl stickers are good not only because they are easily removed and replaced, but they are also quite easy to clean, which is very important when it comes to the children's room.

Boxes and boxes

If your child's room was originally completedin calm neutral colors, then all kinds of boxes and other containers for storing things will be an excellent bright accent. For preschool children, choose boxes that are suitable for height, which open easily, best of all, soft ones. For schoolchildren, you can buy beautiful boxes and baskets for storing stationery and textbooks. Colors, like prints, can be absolutely any. Our opinion: - Have the child choose the coloring and drawing of boxes and boxes. So, first, his tastes and preferences will be taken into account, and secondly, he will be more willing to maintain order and use all these means of storage.

Carpet as the center of composition

Want to divert attention from a boring parquet orbored peach wallpaper? Accent it on something else: for example, on a bright carpet. It can be large or small, fluffy or not, monophonic or striped. The main thing is safety for the child and coziness. The palace can be bedded next to the bed as a colored decorative element, and a soft carpet with a long nap will be an excellent place for children's games.

Colored garlands

If you want to get by with minimal costs,then ordinary colored garlands will perfectly cope with the transformation of the room. Triangles, squares or stars - you can find them in any store or even make your own. Use colored paper, magazine clippings, fabric, or remnants of old wallpaper. If you decide to make a garland with your own hands, and your child loves creativity, be sure.