How to create a home office in a small apartment

People who work a lot at home oftenface the problem of organizing a comfortable working space, especially if the apartment is small. But the problem has a solution. If there is a purpose to equip the house with a comfortable and functional cabinet, our selection of 20 interesting ideas for the organization of the workplace is for you. Everyone who works at home unanimously insists that the home cabinet should be comfortable and beautiful, because most often it is from ergonomics and the aesthetics of the workplace depends on the quality of the work. If a programmer, artist, designer, journalist or writer works in an improperly organized office (uncomfortable, cluttered with trifles, dark or, conversely, too light), then there will be no inspiration or interesting ideas. Our opinion: - We decided to consider examples of mini-cabinets in small apartments, because, firstly, it is difficult to equip a good office in a small area, and secondly - most modern apartments, even studios, do not have large areas. So we are working with this option. There are several options for where and how to equipworkplace in a small area. The first is a specific room. Better if it's a living room. The atmosphere in this room is itself conducive to productive work. The second option is a study in the common area by the window. In this case, we consider any window in any room. A window is a connection with the outside world, energy circulation and a lot of light. The third option is an office in the corner or under the stairs. Suitable for people for whom space and light are not as important as, for example, comfort or ergonomics.

Study in the living room

Carefully inspect the room, select the oneA zone that does not intersect directly with a sofa or a door to an adjacent room. The desktop can be any, but it is desirable that its volume does not exceed 40% of the working space of the mini-cabinet. It's good if the table is placed near the window. In addition, the wall above the table should be more or less free so that you can hang a shelf or a note board. Pictures with a little distracting picture or quiet pictures are welcome.

Study in the common area

With a common area to work and simple and difficultSimultaneously. You need to choose a place so that you as little as possible are disturbed by the household and you could be in a quiet atmosphere. Please note that near the kitchen you can be distracted by delicious smells, and in the bedroom there is a risk of just going to bed - the bed is nearby. And it's very important to choose good furniture and lighting. Pay attention to the illustration. Small tables, good technique and a maximum of light. Many shelves and lockers for small items or, conversely, a strict minimalism.

Cabinet in the corner or under the stairs

Option for introverts and those who do not haveclaustrophobic. Here, attention should be paid to the height that separates the floor and stairs, as well as to the depth of the niche. The niche should be deep enough to accommodate the desk and desk chair. Otherwise, the closet will not justify itself. And don't forget about good lighting. Without natural daylight, your eyes will fatigue quickly and your productivity will drop. We consider this option if the small apartment has high ceilings and a second tier or any other element of creative planning is provided. Marina Vostrikova, head of the studio GuruDesign: - In developing a mini-cabinet, I concentrate on the main points. The first is the selection of furniture, it is necessarily a comfortable table and an ergonomic chair with additional back support. The second is lighting. The light should be comfortable and unobtrusive, preferably with adjustable light intensity. The third is the interior. Necessarily neutral colors, perhaps, vegetable accents.