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How to create an interior of a country house in ekostyle

The customer of this design project does not see his lifeaway from the horses. How to create an interior, inspired by the surrounding nature and the measured clatter of the hooves of stately animals, we will tell in our article The owner of this house, located on the territory of the equestrian sports complex "Otrada" in the Moscow region, cannot imagine his life without horses. As a professional rider himself, a great fan of horse racing and the owner of several thoroughbred horses, he chose the appropriate place for his home. In addition to the location, the interior of the future villa was supposed to reflect in the smallest detail the owner's love for stately animals, as well as place numerous paintings, figurines, awards for success in equestrian sports. In addition, he travels a lot with his family, so the interior should not only be intimate and homely, but also fashionable, combining the most current trends in design, designer pieces of furniture and accessories. Designer Elena Krylova took on such a difficult task. Elena Krylova, interior designer, head of her own design studio A graduate of the International School of Design, Elena Krylova specializes in creating interiors for VIP customers and show business stars, including Natasha Koroleva, Lena Lenina, Bari Alibasov and many others.

To understand everything that inspires mycustomer, I had to go deep into the world of equestrian art. And what is most interesting, I fell in love with him so much that after the project I got a horse and started equestrian sport myself.

Spacious house of 300 square meters. m in a modern style is made with elements of ecotematics to combine the interior with the surrounding nature. It was decided to change the layout in order to maximize the space by connecting the kitchen and the living room. Panoramic windows allowed to let in the house a maximum of light and air. The central element of the house was the living room, where onthe big soft Il Loft sofa, next to the onyx fireplace, the whole family gathers. It is worth noting that only natural materials were used in the decoration of the house: solid wood on the floor, flexible stone on the walls, natural stone in the design of the fireplace and kitchen countertops, veneer of precious woods in the kitchen facades. Keeping in mind the task of the customer to create an interior that focuses on the equestrian theme, let's pay attention to the details. One of the main decorative elements of the house is the multilevel horseshoe-shaped ceiling. On the shelves there are horse figurines, as well as Hermes crockery with equestrian motifs. And the eco-theme is supported by the flowing Murano Due luminaire and the matching Flos designer luminaires above the kitchen area. Private areas of the house are located on the second floor. There is a master bedroom, finished with natural wood with eco-cover, a children's room with a round bed and furniture with rounded forms, as well as bathrooms decorated with mosaic made of natural mother-of-pearl.

So, how to create an interior of a house in eco-style? Designer Helen Krylova's advice:

  • A country house should be in harmony withsurrounding nature. It is necessary to maximize the windows to let in the room more light and air. This is suitable for light tulle and flying natural curtains.
  • To make the interior lighter and more spacious,you need to remove from it all unnecessary. For storage you can use technical niches, built-in wardrobes and dark rooms. For ekostilya freedom of space is characteristic.
  • In the interior of the eco-house should use the maximumnatural materials in the finish. Today, production technologies allow the use of more accessible analogues of natural onyx, stone and wood. The main thing is that all this is environmentally friendly and safe for health.
  • Ecotension should be manifested not only in materials, but also in colors. Soft, concise, natural shades will create a harmonious atmosphere in your interior.
  • Pay attention to the decor. Often it is the small and original interior objects that can set the tone and become the starting point of your design. Today, there are a lot of interesting ekonomachok, which will certainly inspire you to create the house of your dreams!