How to create an interior in the style of bokho-chic: 6 main secrets of success -


If you always dreamed of making your interior a little bitMore bohemian or heard something about the style of boho-chic, but were afraid to ask, you - here. Today we will dispel doubts and give confidence. Since a bit of a boho can be added to each interior

Bohemian style in the interior is not so far fromour earthly life with you. In fact, the main difference between bohemian interiors is freedom and unlimited creative impulse. Today we will analyze the boho-chic style into its components and reveal its main secret. 1. Light background

For such a charismatic style, a light background is most desirable - bright shades, rich textures, many details from different styles and eras will be the easiest to "make friends" in a neutral background. 2. Light Lighting

Boho-chic - this is primarily a mood. From the point of view of emotional coloring, there is no stronger tool in the interior designer's arsenal than lighting. The right choice of its sources will help create an entourage of any kind. 3. Man-made objects

Boho-chic - the style of free creative personalities,Ready to realize themselves in any field. So, watercolors with running horses, pottery, canvases and cardboard aircraft models simply need to find a worthy place in the interior. 4. Trophies from travel

Everything, from magnets to the refrigerator and ending with authentic pieces of furniture, can and should become a full part of the interior in the style of boho-chic. 5. Bright textiles made by hand

Quilts, homespun carpets, hand-embroidered handkerchiefs and shawls, folk costumes and canopies are some of the most striking distinguishing features of the Bocho-chic style. 6. Art objects

This point is unlikely to cause surprise. However, there is a thing that is worth keeping in mind, looking for a suitable fruit of the mind - it must be real. It can not be a replica or a reproduction - only original pieces of art, after all, you, after all, create your own subject of interior art.