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How to create a chalet style in the interior: tips for professionals and an amazing apartment from Magadan -

Exclusive! Today etk-fashion.Com with the help of a specialist in design and architecture Irina Zinker will tell you how to create a chalet style in the interior. In addition, we will show you an amazing apartment from Magadan, because of which the expression "Magadan chalet" arose in the Far East. Not so long ago we demonstrated in our traditional interior collection all the charm of "alpine" interiors. Today we together with Irina Zinker will explain the basic principles of creating a chalet style in the interior and try to surprise you with one entertaining apartment from (attention!) Of Magadan. In this apartment, a team of architects from CO: interior recreated the interior of the "small rural house" (and it turned out that they, in our opinion, very well). CO: interior Service CO: interior opens the possibility to use ready-made interior solutions, adapting them for different living spaces. The main objective of the designers of CO: interior is to help people who are going to update their living space, offering inexpensive professional solutions. The project started a year ago, but the team of designers who launched this service have a serious experience of creating and implementing projects. In addition to ready-made solutions, the guys create individual projects. Despite the fact that the chalet is a kind of country, the practicality in this style always remains in the first place. Therefore, the presence of each object in the interior is strictly thought out. Certainly, to the basic color solutionsInclude natural shades, which are associated primarily with the finishing materials - stone and wood. In this case, as accent colors it is recommended to use green, red and white shades, symbolizing ripe berries, foliage and snow. The style of the chalet is known to be strictly attached to spacious rooms with high ceilings. However, even in small apartments interpret the style of the chalet is quite realistic:

  • Use the usual lining, painted with oil stain for a dark tree;
  • Wooden beams can be replaced with vinyl, imitating the texture of wood. They are much lighter than wood and easier to install;
  • You can recreate the fireplace portal with the help ofGypsum plasterboard structure, lined with stone tiles. In the fireplace portal, put candles, lights or simulate a woodworker, which can be decorated, for example, with a garland;
  • Skins and carpets will help maintain the mood of the Alpine home.

Apartment in Magadan in chalet style And nowLong-awaited exclusive - an apartment from Magadan from CO: interior in the style of a chalet. In fact, this is a budget project, and the "Alpine" style is recreated there only in the kitchen and in the hallway, but it turned out to be interesting. White in combination with natural wood color brings notes of Scandinavian style to the creation of designers from CO: interior. thanks Irina Tsinker for effective advice. We hope that you were interested. Arrange yourself an Alpine winter.