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How to decorate your house in a Scandinavian style: simple tips on a real example


You need a simple and cozy interior, notOverloaded with complex decor? Do you want all spaces to be functional? And you do not know how to put it all into practice? Pay attention to the Scandinavian style. Example - the real house As the most vivid example for describing this authentic Scandinavian style, we took the real home of a young married couple Mortenand and Charlotte Voldrum from Denmark (Valby, Denmark). The couple are the happy parents of the firstborn, so they paid special attention to the safety and functionality of the house. Residents of the Scandinavian countries never chase after the external, visual luxury, with the arrangement of housing they often prefer a simple, cozy and warm interior.

Living room

The identity of Scandinavia is very clearIs seen in the design that young Scandinavians choose. They are very sensitive to the traditions of their country and to comfort, they prefer naturalness to artificial chic and they do not need to be designers at all, in order to beautifully and functionally decorate the interior of their home. The living room of the house is well lit, centralOccupies a large, comfortable sofa. The corners of the furniture are rather smooth than sharp. The room has a large window. It occupies at least 45% of the wall area. As a decor of the room is used a bookcase of the vinotheque. All furniture is very simple, no frills. Although in the case of the Scandinavian classics (in our understanding of it), too, it might seem superfluous.

Dining room

The dining room in the house is small, well lit, witha minimum of furniture and decor. The table is deliberately rough and careless, like a table in a university lecture hall. But this is only at first glance. In fact, it is most likely made of excellent wood and high strength steel. The chairs somewhat smooth out the external roughness of the table with smooth lines and a delicate creamy white color.

Scandinavian cuisine

The kitchen in the house is really wonderful, a dreamEvery housewife. Everything is so thought out, which, it seems, is better and can not be. Please note that the kitchen is separated from the living room by a partly built-up wall, but it has a lot of functional space. All surfaces are working, and cabinets and shelves probably accommodate a variety of household utensils.


The Scandinavian style is based on the designThe naturalness of materials and the simplicity of execution. The interior is most often used: a good, high-quality wood, natural stones (in the case of the decor), glass, cotton, not bleached linen, fur (affected by hunting the Middle Ages, the tradition of the country), leather, ceramics, metal. Scandinavian furniture is practical and functional. Pay attention to the bed in the bedroom. It is wide, low and with a small mattress. In the bedroom there is nothing superfluous, a maximum of free space is made. The room is decorated in light colors. Bed linen is made of good textiles. The picture is supplemented by several drawings in beautiful frames, boldly placed directly on the floor, and a bedside table in a minimalistic (almost Japanese) style. In such a bedroom it is clearly easy and free to breathe and think.


In our opinion, the most interesting was the terrace of the house. The highlight of the Scandinavian interior is brightAccents. In color, in furniture, in the zoning of the room (separately this refers to the decor). Such highlights can be beautiful pillows, knitted rugs mats, threaded lampshades, provocative pictures. What is most interesting, in the Scandinavian design everything looks "in moderation." On the terrace of our Scandinavian house, attention is accentuated by minimalist furniture and pillows of different sizes. As you can see, the Scandinavian style is justSense of proportion and natural material. If you can not wait to try to equip your apartment in Scandinavian style, here are some simple recommendations.

  • Maximize space.
  • Use a minimum of furniture.
  • There should not be bright accents. If you want, it can be bright pillows, a picture on the wall, carpet on the floor. But nothing more.
  • Choose the simplest furniture. Nothing heavy or bulky.
  • One of the simplest and most effective methodsScandinavian style: to make the floor finish unified throughout the apartment or throughout the house. This technique helps to visually expand the space and make it whole.