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How to make a country house more beautiful: the real story of turning a chalet into a chalet -


The owners of the cottage, which we will talk about today,They decided that a house would be ideal for them, if not completely in the style of a chalet, then at least its renewed terrace. The owners of this one acquired the land 15 years ago. We built a house with a terrace. From early spring to late autumn, the dacha is their second home. Over the years, the house has remained intact, but the terrace has been significantly damaged. And so much so that in the heat it stopped saving from the sun, and in the rain it leaked. With this problem, the owners turned to the program"Fazenda", and the architect Alena Timofeeva suggested that they not only rebuild the terrace, but make it in. Alena Timofeeva, architect-designer Graduate of the Faculty of Design, Moscow State Art University named after S. G. Stroganov. Since 2006 he has been designing private and public spaces. During this time, she worked dozens of interiors: private apartments, cottages and townhouses, offices, offices, exhibition premises. Currently - the leading architect of the FD-studio. She believes that interior design in her studio is a solution to the set tasks, and not in any way the realization of her “individual” creative nature and her “taste preferences” at the customer's facility and at his own expense. The gable roof of the house is just what you need for a chalet. Therefore, an option in this style suggested itself. And the architect began by completely cleaning the area under the terrace, removing from it both the balustrade and the old tiles on the floor. Not only the floor was leveled with cement mortar, but also the basement, which was then sheathed with slats impregnated with a special composition. They also sheathed a part of the facade. Such preparatory work can be done in the fall, so that in the spring the basement and part of the facade can be immediately sheathed with a board. Alena Timofeeva, architect: - The board in our project is not painted, as it might seem. It acquired this color after heat treatment. But it's not just the color. The board, processed at very high temperatures, does not rot, is not affected by any wood parasites, is absolutely resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. Therefore, if desired, the cladding can be made in the fall. The floor covering was interesting.The middle is lined with Metlakh tiles in the form of a carpet. The space under the steps was made of the same tile. And the rest of it is covered with pieces of marble, pre-glued to the mesh. Thus, the marble is very easy to fit, and looks like a long ago laid out mosaic of stones. In addition, this floor is very durable and perfectly matches the style of the chalet. There is another advantage. Metlakh tiles are colored in bulk. Therefore, if, as a result of long-term operation, cracks appear on it, they will be practically invisible. A new balustrade has been installed along the perimeter.Its base is made up of vertical posts connected by handrails with crosshairs under them. To protect the terrace from the elements, the roof canopy was supplemented with another slope covered with monolithic polycarbonate. The slope is connected to the balustrade by vertical slats that cover the terrace in the form of a wall. To a small terraceThere were problems with the internal arrangement, the architect immediately provided a metal rack. It rests on a tree-lined wall, covered with a grid-rabitsa. Shelves are made from the already familiar heat-treated wood. The terrace is illuminated with the help of the ceiling, which gives a dim light, and wall sconces, made in the form of street lamps. Two sides of the terrace are covered with translucent polyester curtains. Usually the terrace uses garden furniture from theRattan. It is light, dynamic. Here, furniture with exactly the same properties is chosen, but it looks like a natural tree. It is cast aluminum, expertly painted under a tree. Very light and at the same time quite strong. It can be left on the street in any weather. True, you can not use armchairs made of aluminum without pillows. Of course, on the alpine terrace can not do withoutPlants. Alena Timofeeva has provided not only the original pots, but also the original plants. For example, willows with woven trunks. These are grown especially, interweaving among themselves thin willow rods, which then grow together and a braided trunk is obtained. Small trees look original, but even more unusual looks adult tree. Attention will also be drawn to the polyurethane pots,Made in the form of natural hemp. They are also not afraid of the effects of precipitation and temperature changes. For a terrace in the form of a chalet, they are a great addition. The cost of general construction works and rough materials was 70,000 rubles. When arranging the terrace, we used:

  • Furniture made of cast aluminum - "Cherry Garden";
  • Protective impregnations - "Senezh";
  • Thermal tree - TD "DrevMarket";
  • Monolithic polycarbonate - "South-Oil-Plast";
  • Metlakhskaya tile - "Greta Wulf";
  • Danish roots - Atelier of wickerwork "Your basket";
  • Stone mosaic, pots - "City gardener";
  • Decor, plaids, dishes - ENS group;
  • Florist-hemp - "Gardek";
  • Glassware - Luminarc;
  • Chandelier - Maytoni;
  • Textiles, sewing - "Darotek";
  • Bra-lanterns - MW-Light;
  • Plants in the plantation - "Azalia".

Terrace options

  • Install a stove on the terrace, or take out the necessary household appliances. Get two in one: a terrace and a summer kitchen.
  • It will look good on the terrace oriental style. Put a low table (it is possible with a hookah), overlay it with a large number of pillows - the place for rest is ready.
  • If space allows, hang a hammock.
  • Select a green area on the terrace. Put all the plants there, put an armchair between them. Better places for relaxation can not be imagined.
  • Sun loungers and sun loungers on the terrace are a great way to get sunburn and sun bathing without leaving the house.
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