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How to make the white interior cozy and feminine: a romantic example

Do you dream of decorating your apartment in white? But you are afraid that it will turn out uncomfortably and coldly? Our experts say the opposite. If you use white correctly, you can create a romantic and cozy interior. Example - in our article The author of this project is the St. Petersburg designer and 3D-visualizer Polina Kazakova. Polina embodied in her interior all the dreams and desires of a young modern woman, a resident of a large metropolis. It turned out very clearly.


We will start with the holy of holies - from the bedroom. A huge window on the floor, a draft of a picture, an original bedside table from a laundry basket, a flower with large green leaves - we are visiting a creative person. Despite the restraint and minimalism of execution,in the interior there is clearly a trace of the desire of a girl who lives in this apartment, to tenderness and romance. The cleanliness of white, complemented by original decor and wood furniture, creates a special atmosphere. Perhaps in this apartment there lives a young artist, or maybe a fashion designer or a PR manager of a large bank, or maybe an apartment belongs to a model or a singer. City girls like practicality, but they are not alien to romance. Designers are always looking for something new. White color is able to satisfy the romantic impulses of metropolitan inhabitants and correspond to all the design researches. Daria Rou, design studio Craft Shop, Moscow: - White color in the interior - it's like a blank sheet for the artist! The use of white in the finish allows you to freely experiment with bright accents. A tranquil background smooths out the frenzy of fantasy and gives the interior a cozy appearance, combining space into a single whole. The bedroom of this apartment hasquality rest. Absence of unnecessary details, maximum open space and functionality of all surfaces tell us: it's nice and peaceful to sleep.

Living room

The living room in the apartment is spacious and bright. White color plays the first violin in a beautiful interior band. Bright golden accents (armchair) and comfortable furniture make the living room the one in which the girl's guests are pleased to spend long evenings with a cup of excellent tea or a glass of white Chilean wine. The girl, despite the obvious employment, likes to host friends and discuss everything with them. The inner wall of the living room is decorated with bricka clutch that perfectly harmonizes with the white color, creating an effect of light incompleteness, which symbolizes the desire of the landlady to achieve more and more successes.


On how the bathroom looks, it dependsmood for the whole day. In a dark, uncomfortable, carelessly decorated room, our landlady would simply be suffocating, and she would not have to talk about any creative accomplishments. Perhaps, that's why Pauline gave the bathroom more attention than other rooms. Olesya and Elena Stasovy, design studio StasovySisters, St. Petersburg: - White color - the personification of cleanliness and ease, do not be afraid to use it in the interior. In order for space to play, combine invoices - this will make your house really interesting. The refraction of light and shadow in the textured surfaces will create more and more new shades. By the way, about the light: be careful when choosing lighting and lamps for it, cold light "vystuzhaet" surfaces, and a warm will give a yellow hue, which can also disappoint you in the evening. It is better to choose the LED lamps - they are as close to daylight as possible and will keep the color purity as clean as possible.


In the kitchen, the girl does not spend much time,but she likes to cook. Most likely, these are dishes of healthy, proper nutrition, but it is possible that in the built-in grill sometimes delicious steaks are cooked. All the kitchen planes are working. Places are many, despite the small size of the kitchen area. Brick wall decor harmoniously fits into the overall concept. The kitchen area is bordered by an improvised dining room. Despite its pretentiousness and capriciousness,white color very gently blended into the interior of the maiden apartment. Snowy white, crystal gray, muted brown, creamy shades, sometimes a delicate pastel in combination with a deliberately rough decor in the form of brickwork created a surprisingly cozy, romantic and very delicate interior. This design of the apartment is suitable for strong girls with obvious leadership qualities, but with a sensual nature. We have prepared some tips for those who want to choose a white color as the total color.

A few tips for using:

  • White color does not happen much.
  • Maximize the space. White color will make a one-room apartment a real palace.
  • Prefer wooden furniture in natural colors. This will allow you to smooth out all the complex issues with the harmony of a cool shade and coziness.
  • Do not overload the apartment with decor. One or two paintings will be enough.
  • Upholstery furniture should be, if possible, of natural materials.