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How to make an apartment more: a light interior from Sweden

How to make the interior more spacious and light? In this Swedish apartment used several effective techniques that helped to let in the apartment a maximum of daylight and make it visually greater than it really is. What is it - the interior of a modern, independent and trendy young woman? Today we are transported to Sweden, to the city of Malmö (Western Harbor), which is famous for the fact that the average age of the greater half of the population does not exceed 35 years.

Fashionable and independent

Energetic youth like everything bright,dynamic and ultramodern. Fashion dictates its rules, but it's just a tool that makes clues in creating an individual style. A girl with a character - this impression is produced by this apartment. The owner of the dwelling prefers everything fashionable, but at the same time stylish, not flashy. For example, copper lamps by Tom Dixon (Tom Dixon), which are popular all over the world. Their laconic design in this interior perfectly echoes with furniture, floor, candlesticks. Such lamps are considered an indicator of good taste. Undoubted leaders in the world of interior fashion are copper objects and natural motifs. Copper perfectly matches with pink color. The owner of the room decided to bring a little humor and shocking to the interior, so there is a pig-painted poster on the wall, among other things, made in the color of Copper Orange, which is recognized as one of the colors of this year. Therefore, we can note that the hostess is not devoid of a sense of humor and carefully follows the fashion.

To draw inspiration from nature

As the base in the apartment selectedScandinavian style - an excellent platform for experiments. Working with him, it is easy to draw inspiration from nature and bring in its house its elements in accordance with the fashion trends. Moreover, the owner of the apartment, apparently, loves the flora and fauna, as shown by the images of animals and insects on posters and textiles. The lack of sun is compensated by yellow color, in which the chair and the picture in the guest room are made. Yellow accents are also present in the dining area - for example, flower arrangement of daffodils. This color sets dynamics and adds energy to space.

Character in detail

So, who is our heroine? Perhaps the owner of the apartment works in the field of show business and she has many acquaintances. But, as you can see, the house is not a place for fashionable parties, but a recreation area. Here the girl receives guests for her own meals. Therefore, the dining room area is given special attention. The hostess decided to allocate it with the help of another fashionable design reception, when around the same table put different in style and shape chairs. This makes the space dynamic, original and boring, truly alive. Apparently, the girl has a creative nature, writes songs and is a fan of the British singer Amy Winehouse (Amy Winehouse). And that, in turn, was known for its controversial outrageous character. This is reflected in the interior of the bedroom (pillowcases with inscriptions and a compromising photo of the singer at the head of the bed). The nature of the proprietor of the apartment is read in detail. The interior in general looks cozy, but not glamorous, fashionable, individual.

Interesting ideas that can be applied in your interior:

1. To decorate the interior in the Scandinavian style Scandinavian style allows you to change the interior of the room very quickly. You can clean or add fashionable details taking into account modern trends or the time of the year. As a result, he will always look different. In order to "read" in your interior exactly your character and way of life, you can fill the house with author's exclusive things that are made in a single copy or just for you. 2. Let in the natural light This apartment is filled with natural light, which unobstructedly comes through the windows. In regions where there is an acute shortage of sunlight, the most successful reception that allows to make an apartment lighter is to remove curtains. Glossy surfaces and decorative objects, for example, posters under glass, copper lamps, glassware will help to achieve a more effective effect. 3. Add copper items In the interior, which we examined today, there are copper lamps. Copper combines pink and orange colors. It is easily supplemented by other shades. It is in light interiors that copper shows up in the best way. It is ideal when light comes on copper objects. This gives additional coverage.