How to make the bedroom darker at night and lighter in the day: 5 useful tips


Introduce the problem:at night, the lanterns bother you, and you cover the windows with blackout curtains. But now the light does not enter the bedroom in the morning, and it's hard to wake up. Our experts will help you sleep well and wake up full of energy - we have 5 solutions Lighting in the bedroom is a very important factor for your mood and health. Experts advise sleeping in complete darkness - this is the only way hormones that are responsible for performance and immunity are normally produced. And our internal clocks are sensitive to light, so it's easier to get up when the sun is shining through the window. How do you balance the lighting in a room?

Imitation of the dawn

Many manufacturers have lamps,Simulating the rising of the alarm clock for a soft and natural awakening. Usually they look as neutral as possible and fit into any interior. With one exception - the development of the Italian company CoeLux is a panel, similar to a window in the ceiling, in which a bright sunny sky is visible. Even if you live on the first floor, when you look at the lamp you will have no doubt: this is real daylight. Already now several options are offered - from the soft northern sun to tropical heat, dynamic lighting is planned. Unfortunately, at the moment "window in the ceiling" is worth tens of thousands of dollars. But applications for smartphones and smart bracelets that calculate the cycles of your sleep to unobtrusively awaken at the right time are quite affordable. Our opinion: - Try to use a mask for sleep. It is made of pleasant material, even helps to relax the muscles of the face and blocks any light - to fall asleep with it simply even on trips.

Correct curtains

Can solve the problem - thin dark fabricsThey will keep the privacy of privacy and hide the bothersome street light, and bright morning rays will miss, albeit in limited numbers. A good option, for example, is loose flax fiber. Another way - bamboo Roman curtains, the material itself is dense enough to darken the bedroom, but in the morning the sun will still peek into the room, it is only necessary to choose a suitable weaving. Inga Azhgirey, interior designer:- When the window is closed most of the day, make the room itself light so that you can wake up easily. Give preference to fresh colors - light blue, yellow, delicate pistachio, maybe you should add bright orange elements. I would choose two types of curtains for the bedroom. Ordinary ones will bring comfort to the room and can be of different textures. Rolls are capable of completely blocking the sun's rays. Be sure to consider the permeability of the material and those and other curtains to light before buying. Perhaps it will be enough for you to dim the street lighting with a roller blind and just slide the main one so that in the morning at the appointed time the thick curtain rises (now there are devices that do this on a timer) and because of the more transparent fabric of a regular curtain, a soft light wakes you up.

Controlled light

If you are not planning to have a butler whowill bring you coffee to bed and open the curtains in the morning, think of the programmable timer on the cornice. When you press a button on the remote control or at a preselected time, the mechanism will start a process that opens the curtains. An indispensable option for houses with high ceilings and apartments in attics, where the curtains simply cannot be reached without a stepladder. A timer lamp can also help you wake up refreshed and vigorous - waking up in its light is easier than in pitch darkness. Remember, that . Asya Bondareva, interior designer: - Programmable cornice is an excellent progressive solution to the problem. It is enough to set the time and the curtains will close in the evening when the lanterns are shining, and in the morning they will open themselves, letting the sun's rays into the bedroom for a pleasant awakening. Unfortunately, this pleasure is not cheap: the price varies depending on the manufacturer, but its order is several hundred euros.

Matt glass

Make the clear glass frosted completely orPartially can be pasted on film or with a special spray. Of course, you must be willing to sacrifice the view from the window. If rest is hampered not so much by light as by people in the building opposite - this decision will help to "hide", while neighbors do not fall asleep, but will not block the morning sun. Just imagine that the glass frost patterns - in winter and summer. In addition, you can always change your mind and return everything as it was. Our opinion: - It is easier to wake up bright colors in the interior and fresh vigorous smells will help. Let on waking look at the colored carpet or expressive picture, and in the bedside table near the bed you can store a bottle of essential oil, for example citrus. Take a deep breath, stretch - and you are ready for deeds.

Tricks and design khaki

The curtains can only be lowered halfway to coverthe brightest street lights. Sew curtains from two types of fabric - more transparent at the top, and less permeable at the bottom. Or put it by the window, it will not fit tightly to it, so you will be lucky to see the morning sun. And make sure that the rest of the decor in the bedroom is conducive to relaxation, since everything is not perfect with the light. Keep the mattress comfortable and the mood before bed calm. Tina Gurevich, interior designer:- Think over such an arrangement of the bed so that the problem of light on the street ceases to be relevant. For example, place it near the window. Then the street lighting will be covered by the headboard and any curtains can be used. If this is unusual for you, consider curtains with a gradient - from light to dark in colors. Moreover, it is better to place the dark in the area where the lanterns shine or the neighbors' windows overlook.,,,,,