Organization of space

How to make the ceiling higher than it is: 5 tips -

The ceiling is the part of the room that is notstriking, but at the same time has a huge impact on the entire space as a whole. It is quite difficult to create comfort in a room with low ceilings. However, do not be upset - we know several tricks that can visually expand the space. The ceiling can also become! It can be or. But what if the ceiling in your room is, alas, low? We assure you that if you follow our advice, you will definitely forget about this problem.


The well-known rule that light colorsmake the room visually spacious, and dark "steal" meters, works well in the case of ceilings. In addition, cold shades visually distract the object. So, light colors of blue, green, blue, turquoise will help you create the illusion of a high ceiling.

Vertical on walls

Vertical lines will make the walls of the roomvisually higher. It is not necessary to use a classic strip on the wallpaper. Raise the ceiling will help any vertical pattern. This is best if it is not very bright. Illusion of a high ceiling can also create a monophonic wallpaper or with a small picture. If you have a low ceiling, you should glue the wallpaper or apply paint in such a way that the color part is turned to the ceiling. This will visually extend the walls of the room.

Mirrors and gloss

Another known way of visual changespace - the application in the interior design of mirror and glossy surfaces. The secret lies in their reflective properties. If the room has a glossy stretch ceiling, then you may have a feeling that it simply does not exist, even with the fact that installing this type of ceiling "steals" centimeters. Our opinion Gloss on the floor will also visually increase the area of ​​the room. Use a light lacquered tree or glossy tile and you will forget that the room is actually a low ceiling.


As the main light source in the room withlow ceilings it is better to use not a suspended chandelier, but a ceiling chandelier. An excellent option - the installation of lighting sources on the entire surface of the ceiling. Or let the lamps be fixed on the walls, and the rays of light spread upward. In addition, you can install lamps or sconces, highlighting the different zones of the room.


As for the decor, in a room with lowceilings need to use vertical paintings, flowers in long vases, high art objects. An excellent option - a vertical niche in the wall, in which you can set everything you want. Such a technique will not only make the ceiling visually higher, but also will create a unique element in space. Our opinion In a room with low ceilings, it is best to use curtains to the very floor, or even "let" the fabrics lie on the floor itself. This reception will make the room visually higher.