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How to make a dark interior cozy: bachelor apartment in Moscow


How to decorate an apartment in dark colors and at the same timenot to lose in comfort and coziness? How to emphasize the advantages of panoramic views from the windows? An impressive Moscow project provides answers to all questions Not everyone likes fashion for light interiors. Many are more comfortable living in deeper, darker shades. Can a rather dark interior be cozy, contrary to all stereotypes about "gloom"? The Moscow bachelor apartment project from the Liturinsky & Leost design studio clearly answers this question. Igor Liturinsky and Ronan Leost, designers The Liturinsky & Leost design studio is a creative tandem of talented architects and designers. Since 2005, Igor Liturinsky and Ronan Leost have been involved in a variety of projects: from private orders to public spaces, from restoration work to an integrated approach. The portfolio of the design studio already includes more than 60 successfully implemented projects, including not only Russian, but also foreign (in Austria, Spain, France, the Seychelles). Earlier we shared with you another project of the Liturinsky & Leost design studio -. Despite the fact that the apartment that we are now showing you is also created for a single man, this is a completely different story. This apartment of 103 m² is located in Moscow,In the highest skyscraper in Europe "Tower Federation". In 2009, this complex was recognized as the best building in the world (according to the results of the international competition Prix d'Exellence). Of course, the windows of apartments located here offer a stunning view of Moscow, the capital's sights. And therefore, it was especially important to create an interior that would harmonize with panoramic views, while not eclipsing them, but without losing themselves against the backdrop of the city's landscape. Another difficulty associated with panoramicwindows, in that direct sunlight for several hours beats directly into the apartment. And that means you need the opportunity not only to admire the panorama, but also to hide from ultraviolet radiation if necessary. Please note: this opportunity is available in this apartment. Our opinion: - The designers have provided both blackout curtains and translucent tulle, so that the owner of the apartment can adjust the degree of natural light in the apartment with a slight movement of the hand. Initially, the layout of the premises was free:in the Federation Tower complex, the apartments have only a few supporting columns, leaving the owners full scope for planning their personal space. As a result of work on the project of the Liturinsky & Leost design studio, the apartment turned out to be a two-room one, with a spacious bedroom and living room (29 m² and 41.2 m², respectively), as well as a small kitchen (5.7 m²). All this, of course, meets the wishes of the customer and corresponds to his lifestyle. Our opinion - Apparently, the owner of the apartment is a hospitable person. The living room has a large sofa and several comfortable armchairs. All furniture is located around, and in such a way as not to obstruct the beautiful panoramic view. The interior was quite complicated, saturatedPatterns, textures, with unexpected design techniques. In addition, in general, the color scheme was chosen rather dark. The reason for this, obviously, was the excess of natural light in the apartment. The love of the owner of the apartment is obvious to the horses: In the bedroom is an impressive floor lamp in the form of a horse, and in the living room the walls are decorated with drawings of horses. In addition, the chairs in the living room are stylized under the saddles - with stirrups on the armrests. Interestingly, the apartment has very little storage furniture. The secret lies in the area of ​​5 m² adjoining the bedroom.

List of brands used in the project

Living room:

  • Mirrors - the company "Gran 99";
  • Shelving - Arlequin C Cabinets Ferruccio Laviani;
  • A coffee table - Chess Table Moooi;
  • Fireplace - Planika Coffee Fire Long;
  • Console - Eichholtz Carlisle Bench Table, Eichholtz Trolley Beverly Hills 04872;
  • Chair with stirrups - Saddle Easy Chair, Monster Bar Stool Moooi;
  • Carpet - jan Kath carpet, Stepevi;
  • Textiles - "Moscow Silk";
  • Decor - Kelly Hoppen Pot The Long Kelly Hoppen;
  • Tableware - Palace Tableware;
  • Lighting - Xal hanging lights, Light & Design, Set Up Shade by Marcel Wanders.


  • Soft panels are made to order in the workshop of Bella Pelle;
  • Table - Moooi Two Tops Secretary, Monster Stool Moooi;
  • carpet - Fata Morgana TJ Two by Marcel Wanders;
  • Textiles - "Moscow Silk";
  • Lighting - Eichholtz Lamp Arlington Crystal, Horse Lamp by Front | Moooi.

5 techniques that will help make the dark interior cozy:

  • Choose deep, complex colors. Do not just stop on black, dark brown and dark gray. Saturated dark shades of blue, wine, violet and other colors will make the interior much more interesting.
  • Combine dark colors with shades of lightening. Note: this apartment has a surface of coffee and sand-colored on the floor rather light wood, and the ceiling is not dark. In combination with lighter elements of the environment, darker shades look more intense.
  • Do not be afraid of patterns and ornaments. Note: in the bedroom - wallpaper with a pattern, in the living room - cushions with ornaments and "Chess" coffee table; In the whole apartment - colorful carpets, original ceiling.
  • Do not forget about the bright accents. In the dark interior they should not be juicy or acidic, darker colors will look more organic: for example, in this interior, a darkened shade of turquoise is chosen for the headboard, and the fresco in the living room is made in a dark pink version.
  • Provide different lighting scenarios. Light must be diverse and multilevel.