With your own hands

How to make a fashionable picture in the ombre technique in 10 minutes. Master Class

You do not even guess how simple it isdraw a decorative picture with a fashionable nowadays ombre effect. With the help of our master class you can feel yourself a real artist and create a stylish designer accessory for the living room. Following the fashion industry, the ombre effect (or gradient) is rapidly gaining popularity in the world of interior design. This interesting trend, based on the color transition from dark to light shade, is increasingly found in the decoration of walls, in textiles, in the performance of furniture facades, in objects of decorative art. Today we will teach you how to literally in ten minutes draw a picture with a fashionable effect ombre, without having behind the shoulders of art education. To play the artist you will need:

  • foam rubber brushes;
  • three plastic cups;
  • three tubes of watercolor paints related to the color scheme of shades (in our example, the shades of green are used);
  • artistic canvas of any size.

Fill each cup with steamcentimeters. In the first glass, squeeze out a little paint (literally a couple of grams) of the lightest shade. In the second - one gram from each remaining tube (darker shades). And into the third glass, squeeze out a small amount of the darkest paint. Stir paint in water. The contents of your cups should now create an ombre effect. If not, adjust the colors by adding paint to one container or another. Dip a wide foam brush in the lightest paint and with quick horizontal strokes, apply it to the entire surface of the canvas, leaving a white border of a few centimeters around the perimeter. Next, apply on the canvas paint from the secondcup. Start at one end of the picture and move on until you just a little over the middle. As in the previous stage, your movements should be fast and have a progressive character. It's time for the darkest shade. It should be applied, starting from the same edge as the previous color, not reaching the middle of the canvas. Give your work of art gooddry. To avoid wrinkles, it is recommended to dry the canvas in a suspended state. After the paints are completely dry, place the picture in a frame or pull it onto a wooden frame. You see, to feel realthe artist is not at all difficult. In just a few minutes you not only painted your own picture, but also enriched your interior with a fashionable decorative accessory with an ombre effect. sugarandcloth.com