How to make a fireplace from plasterboard: the construction of a frame and decorating

Not every house has the ability to installa real fireplace that would warm your heat in the long winter months. Even in a holiday home, such a fireplace does not always work, because it is not only difficult, but also requires considerable financial expenses. To install such a design requires a separate chimney, this should be approached seriously. In modern urban apartments there are no conditions for installing a fireplace even a small size. Drawing fireplace from plasterboardDrawing fireplace from plasterboard. However, the solution is to install a small and attractive false fireplace made of plasterboard. It does not take up much space, it is easy to assemble with your own hands and does not require a chimney at all. How to make a fireplace from gypsum board in your apartment, what should be foreseen?

Installation of gypsum cardboard fireplace with own hands

Before you make your own fireplace fromdrywall, you need to carefully choose a place for its installation. Attention should be paid to the area of ​​the room, interior features. For example, for a small bedroom, even a false fireplace, for plating which is applied drywall, is inappropriate. But for the living room or home office cabinet, this design will be excellent. The work should be planned so that the fireplace does not interfere with the passage through the room, its use. It is best to make the construction angular or in the center of the wall. For the fireplace, you can use a small step on which you can put figurines and favorite books or just sit, admiring the flame of candles in the furnace. All gipsokartonnye structures are divided into several types: The diagram of the device of a false-fireplace.

  • Simulation of the fireplace is a basting on the surfacewalls. Drywall is only glued to create contours. Then the imitation is simply painted or decorated. This option is the easiest, it can be used even for small rooms.
  • A voluminous false-fireplace is assembled from profiles ormetal racks, outside the frame is covered with sheets of GKL, after which it is decorated. Similar constructions are difficult to distinguish from real ones, especially if the furnace is made as accurately as possible. Inside it is possible to lay a woodpile, put beautiful candles or install an electric fireplace. For such structures, bio-fireplaces are used. The chimney is not needed here, but special biofuel burns inside the structure.
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    Frame construction

    You can make a fireplace from wooden slats orspecial metal gipsokartonnogo profile. We must clearly follow the instructions prepared in advance. The profile is screwed first to the floor and to the wall surface, i.e. a frame is formed. After this, installation of vertical and horizontal elements is carried out, which are fixed with self-tapping screws. If there is a need for cutting the profile, then scissors for metal are used for this. Types of profile for the frame of the fireplace. The work itself does not take much time, you have to prepare for the assembly:

    • metal profile for gypsum board or wooden slats;
    • self-tapping screws for metal;
    • Screwdriver;
    • scissors for metal;
    • building level;
    • pencil;
    • roulette;
    • metal ruler.

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    Fireplace casing

    Plasterboard for plating is used conventionalwall, but if you plan to install a hot candle or an electric heater for heating, then you need to take a special fireproof red. Calculation of the material must be done in advance, although one standard sheet is usually enough. Cutting is performed on the basis of the drawing. Cut gypsum cardboard with a sharp knife with replaceable blades, while the layer does not cut completely, the sheet after the cut is broken. All the ends before installation should be treated with sandpaper, fix the GCR with screws. It is recommended to start the skin from the most difficult areas. Drywall should be fastened in such a way that the heads of the screws are slightly recessed in the material. When the work is finished, all the joints and fastenings are carefully processed with putty. When the composition dries, the gypsum board is treated with sandpaper to make the surface smooth and smooth. The scheme for installing a false fireplace. To make a fireplace from GKL, you need to prepare the following materials:

    • gypsum board of the chosen type (conventional or fireproof);
    • self-tapping screws;
    • putty;
    • a metal spatula;
    • ruler;
    • pencil;
    • knife with replaceable blades.

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    Decorative finishing

    After the fireplace is ready, its decorative finish is done. For these purposes apply:

    • textured plaster or paint;
    • wooden carved and polished panels;
    • ceramic tile;
    • a natural stone;
    • wallpaper and decorative films, etc.

    One of the most attractive optionsis the decoration with gypsum tiles, imitating real tiles. To make a fireplace from plasterboard such a tile, you need to prepare the following materials and tools: Tools for installing a false fireplace.

    • Special silicone molds or plastic boxes of small size from cookies (their bottom should be embossed);
    • gypsum;
    • lubricant for silicone molds;
    • adhesive for tiles;
    • plasticizers for gypsum mixture;
    • acrylic paints;
    • brushes;
    • a simple pencil;
    • ruler;
    • building level;
    • ceramic tiles;
    • tile cutting machine;
    • hacksaw;
    • putty knife.

    Work begins with what is being projectedprocessing. To do this, it is necessary to draw a sketch on paper, having pre-measured the structure. It is desirable to know the dimensions of one tile in order to be able to calculate the required amount of finish. Immediately it is recommended to draw up a scheme for laying out the imitation of tiles, so that during work not be distracted. Then you can start making tiles for the fireplace from the GKL. The gypsum mass is diluted with water and mixed, it should be homogeneous. The molds are smeared so that the tile can easily be removed from them, and the molds themselves could be used for the next batch. Pouring is done neatly, there should not be any air cavities. Tiles in shapes are exposed, for example, on the balcony, so that the plaster can dry completely, which can take 2 days. At this time, according to the layout, the markings for the tiles are done. You can begin to lay out a conventional ceramic tile furnace and a step in front of the fireplace. The color of the tiles must be selected so that it is combined with the main finish, but a little distinguished. You can take brown, golden, brick colors. The tile is laid on the glue, the laying can be butt or with the observance of the seams, it depends only on the wishes of the master. Back to contents</a>

    Decoration of plasterboard fireplace

    When the imitation of tiles dried, we must start themdecoration. The tile is removed from the molds, laid out on a film or on a newspaper. Use for this should be acrylic colors, colors are selected individually. When the paint dries, the surface is varnished. Fit this type of finishing on the tile glue, if necessary, the tile is cut. As a result, a fireplace made of plasterboard of an unusual but very stylish appearance turns out. The cost of it is small, but the result is impressive. Make a house imitation of a fireplace is not so difficult, it is important to choose its shape and place to install, after which to proceed to work. The profile and GCR are used for manufacturing. The process does not take much time, usually the decoration of the construction lasts longer. As a result, the situation will become luxurious, the interior will be much more cozy and attractive. As a source of lighting or fire, you can use conventional candles or a lamp connected to an electrical network. Many install an electric fireplace in a firebox, but in that case the materials must be taken fire-resistant, this applies to plasterboard. </ ul>