Design khaki

How to make a house more convenient: 15 design hacks

How to change your house quickly and inexpensively? Today we will show you 15 simple ways and 40 ideas that will certainly inspire you to exploit. We often live according to established rules, use old habits and do not want to change anything in everyday reality. But even small changes can seriously improve if not the quality of life, then at least the mood for you and your loved ones. We offer several examples of updating the items that we use every day. Let's start with what's at hand.

The Dutch door

A very convenient thing for those who have children and animals in the house. If necessary, the door can always be made one again.

Place for toilet paper / towels

The paper holder does not take much space, and it certainly will be found in any apartment - but you will agree, it is much more convenient!

Electronic charging station

For charging, as a rule, we use alreadyexisting sockets: here we charge the phone, there is a tablet, and here is a computer. Here we dry our hair with a hairdryer, and here we have a recharge of rechargeable batteries. Much more convenient yet, when all the gadgets are in one place.

Sockets in furniture

You can hide the wiring and sockets in the kitchen furniture by attaching them to the bottom of the kitchen unit. The danger of short circuit due to water decreases.

Retractable table for the bedroom

Often in the day off I want to luxuriate in bed, drink coffee and do not go anywhere. Tables for such cases can be done by yourself.

Number on the front door

Maybe it's time to update the number and paste on the door any more up-to-date figures, not those that were left by the grandmother.

Plate for a bathroom

Why not? You are used to your apartment and you know where it is, and it will be much more convenient for guests to navigate.

Coffee bar

Is not it convenient, when everything you need for morning coffee or tea is nearby?

Pull-out boards

This is also very convenient: they are always in place and are always ready for use, while they do not take up any space in the folded form.

Retractable table

Another table, this time in the kitchen. Also very tangibly saves space. Wanted to talk with a friend and drink coffee - got a table, sat, talked, removed it, and as if it was not there.

Buckets for rubbish

By the same principle works this box withgarbage cans. Much more convenient than opening doors and throwing garbage into a bucket, not always getting into it. There may also be containers for storing household chemicals.


If the bathroom seems dull and dull, you can cover one wall with a chrome mirror spray. The effect will be stunning.

Use doorways

Make shelves around the door. This place, as a rule, is not used at all. But now it will be possible to put books there or hide medicines from children and animals.


You adore taking pictures, but rarelyare you viewing pictures that are stored on your computer's hard drive? It's time to print them out and allow yourself and your guests to enjoy beautiful portraits and views. In addition, many photo laboratories now work through the Internet. And you can also post photos on the doorways.