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How to make a house more convenient: 25 design hacks


What is common between moldings and shoes onStilettos, pieces of ice and carpet, stationery and door handles? About this and much more, read in our new material Creating an interior, it is impossible to foresee everything. Over time, you will need small items that are not in every store you can find. We have collected a collection of ideas that solve a good half of such inconveniences.

1. Flat clerical rubber bands will help keep the doors open

2. The holder for shoes can be replaced with simple moldings

3. Rubber cleaner for glass will also fit for cleaning the carpet from the coat of domestic animals

4. The old box for CDs can be very successfully applied in the bathroom

5. You can store the ironing board in a suspended form, as holders you can use strong hooks for clothes

6. Hide the router on the bookshelf

7. In a tissue box, you can store plastic bags

8. Traces of furniture on the carpet will disappear due to ice slices

9. Similar keys will be easier to distinguish if you put tags, for example, nail polish

10. Hooks from the old shower curtain can be reused for storing the denim collection

11. Organizer for shoes fit in the kitchen

12. A towel holder can help with the storage of jewelry

13. The magnet on the handle of the hammer will save you from the long search for lost nails

14. Where to store the potholders? On the back of a chair, of course!

15. Organizer for letters and ballet flats ... Feel the connection?

16. The counter or alarm panel can be safely hidden behind the picture

17. Why buy a dorog board for notes, if you can just draw on the glass quickly flushable marker?

18. New life of old door handles - original hangers. Why not?

19. A box from an old table - than not a shelf for favorite trifles?

20. Painted walls periodically need minor repairs - a tiny jar of paint is exactly useful

21. How to store wires? And hangers on what?

22. A vial from under medicines, shishechka, the key to the apartment. Bury all this near the door - and voila, the cache is ready

23. Does the carpet slip? Strips of quick-drying building latex will surely help

24. How to wash the Lego collection? In the net for clothes, of course!

25. In order not to scratch the door in a narrow garage, attach a rubber tube or rigid foam tape to the wall,,,,,,,,,,,, Jp,,,,,,,,