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How to make an interior in the style of Provence: 25 best images from the new collection of Zara Home -


Soon autumn, outside the windows of August ... But do not be sad, the new collection of Zara Home will help you keep in the house memories of the summer and cope with the autumn mope. How - see for yourself ...

Apparently, this summer the designers of the most popularSpanish brand Zara Home was held somewhere in the south of France and so imbued with the warmth and serenity of this region that they decided in their new collection to perpetuate the charm of Provence, withstood it in a romantic and incredibly delicate style of the chic chic.

Even in the very dank days, every detail of yourThe interior with the collection of Zara Home will remind you of the departed summer, about the laid-back and measured rural life passing under the shadow of old villas and flowering gardens, under the bright southern sun, surrounded by picturesque landscapes ...


Bedroom! In it, each of us holds a third of life. And it is her designers Zara Home offer to pay special attention this fall: nice textures, calm tones with an emphasis on a variety of shades of pink, delicate floral patterns and lace handmade on vintage bedding ... Every detail in such a bedroom makes you forget about problems, prompting an irresistible desire Create, dream and enjoy life.

And for those who are in any situation in lifePrefers the classics, instead of floral motifs and shades of pink - classic ornaments, kipenno-white satin, soft velvet ... a modern note introduces a light metallic luster.


The Provence-style dining room always hasComfort and serene pastime. It will comfortably pass and a noisy dinner with friends, and quiet gatherings with the family. In the collection of Zara Home you will find everything for simple, unobtrusive laying: linen or cotton tablecloths, hanging to the floor, textile napkins in a cage or with vegetative ornament, wicker holders for plates, dining utensils with the effect of aging. And do not forget to put on the table a vase with a bunch of fresh flowers or a basket of fruit.


The elegance and simplicity characteristic ofUnpretentious and slightly frivolous life in the village, found their place in the items created by the designers of Zara Home for the design of the bathroom: natural materials, wiped surfaces, classic forms, cozy textiles. By the way, the last place in the collection of the brand has a special place. Soft towels and bath mats, aged in a delicate pastel color, are decorated with a variety of floral patterns (prints, embroideries, jacquards).

To create an appropriateAtmosphere in the new collection there are many old-fashioned accessories: ceramic soap dispensers and soap dishes from a supposedly untreated piece of stone, rough glasses for toothbrushes and elegant glass jars for all sorts of things ...

Do not forget the designers and the wicker baskets for towels, so characteristic of the style of the French province.


In the new collection of Zara Home there is everythingNecessary to create a cozy children's room for a loved one: bed linen, home clothes, bath accessories, cute toys and even special utensils. A delicate color palette, natural materials and floral ornaments will appeal not only to kids, but also to teenagers, especially romantic girls.

By the way, make wicker containers and baskets that will be perfect for storing children's things in countryside on racks and shelves.