How to make the kitchen interior warm and cozy: decor ideas


Change the mood of the kitchen interior withoutundertaking repairs is very difficult. After all, there is not enough space for decorative accessories. We will share with you little tricks that will make the interior of the kitchen warmer without creating inconvenience The kitchen is perhaps the warmest place in the house. After all, it is in the kitchen that something is always boiling: both life and water in the kettle. However, this does not mean at all that with the onset of cold weather we do not want to make the kitchen a little warmer and more comfortable. Since the interior of the kitchen is created in accordance with strict functional requirements, and there is no place for random objects in it, the decorator has nowhere to roam around here. Therefore, in order to change the atmosphere of the room, without resorting to global repairs, you need to focus on everyday details.

1. Knitted cushion covers for cups

Knitted decor has a magical property of warmingThe interior of one of its kind. However, in the decor of the kitchen, where there are many smells and fumes, it is not recommended to use too much textiles. Therefore, we advise you to limit knitted cases to cups. They will add to the design of the kitchen hardly noticeable, but still noticeable warm notes, and will not allow you to burn your hands on a cup of hot tea.

2. Sacking décor

We continue to “dress warmly” kitchen accessories.Burlap is one of the few kitchen-tolerant fabrics. It is she who should be used to decorate various jars, bottles and boxes in which food and kitchen utensils are stored. How to independently decorate containers for storing kitchen utensils with burlap, you can learn from our. Our opinion: - Burlap is a very fashionable and environmentally friendly interior trend. Therefore, if the interior of your kitchen is made in styles that are friendly to this material - eco, Provence, country, eclecticism - you may well not dwell on small decor, but go further. Curtains, tablecloths, lamp shades, chair covers - all these elements made of burlap will give your kitchen a trendy natural look.

3. Appetizing scents

You can emphasize the burlap decoradditional accessories made of the same fabric: bags with aromatic mixtures (sachets). For the kitchen, it is best to choose the characteristic, appetite-stimulating smells, for example, the smell of coffee beans. Our opinion: - It is very important to choose the right smells for different rooms. So, for example, coffee aroma is too tonic and will be inappropriate in the bedroom or nursery, but for the kitchen - just right. The smells of cardamom, coriander, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla and citrus will fit into the kitchen atmosphere equally well.

4. Original coffee grounds

The little things are very important.The original cup coasters will cheer you up and make your morning coffee even more pleasant and warming. You can buy them or make your own using coffee beans, wine corks, wood cuts, yarn or leather. Try to choose natural, warm materials that complement the warming atmosphere of your kitchen. You can find out how to quickly and easily make original coasters that will remind you of summer.

5. Fur covers for chairs

If your kitchen is combined with a dining room,The dining area can be at the expense of fur covers for chairs. They will become not just a stylish ethnic addition to the interior, but also a real source of heat. And if you do not want to ruin the skins available for you, just put them on chairs: negligence is still fashionable.

6. Orange mood

Bright accents of hot colors always makeThe interior seemed warmer. Therefore, we recommend to add kitchen decor with orange elements: chairs, dishes, lamps. Why orange? According to psychologists, it is this color that arouses appetite and promotes digestion.

7. Fruit positive

One of the few relevant in the kitchen decorativeDetails are fruits, because they are also food. Bright accents in the form of vases with oranges, lemons or apples pleasantly delight the look and permeate the surrounding atmosphere by the warming summer associations.