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How to make the interior more effective with decorative panels: 15 examples -

In these panels, art merged with interior design and manifested itself in a completely new form. Magical, in our opinion

What do you think when you hear about decorativepanels? What if these panels create a world famous decorator? Hardly before your mind's eye images of aluminum sheets and liters of epoxy resin will appear. But they are the main tools of Alex Turco (Alex Turco). All the samples below are his work.

Such panels can decorate not only internalpremises, but also the landscape, including near the pool. The material is completely waterproof thanks to the composite base, and therefore the possibility of using panels as a decorative accent is almost limitless.

The panels of Alex Turko can both strengthen the already existing "rhythm", the idea or the decorator's reception, and become the starting point for the interior in general.

Of course, not everyone can afford to decorate this kind of thing, but to inspire them and create something of their own, even if someone else's, "stuffed" hand, we are perfectly able.

For example, rarely anyone comes to mind whenhelp the brushes and paints repeat the cut image of the semiprecious stone. In reality, such a cut may cost hundreds of thousands of rubles, but the panel with a drawing is almost a hundred times cheaper.

Another option - a copy of the atmospheric image, transferred to a metal surface, with traces of rust and sweats. For an industrial interior in loft style, the best decor and can not be invented.

On such panels, you can create absolutely any effect - from crumpled old paper to an underwater landscape.

Decorative panels can replace the kitchen apron, tile in the bathroom, the notorious wall-papers and relief coating "under the stone."