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How to make a loft unlike others: an example from Moscow

Can the loft look unusual? How to express the craving for originality and freedom in personal space? Can street art intrude inside a dwelling? Let's try to consider these issues on a real example from Moscow. This apartment is located in the former building of the grocery store. The total area of ​​the space is 350 square meters, 180 of them are allocated for the living room, dining room and kitchen. A young man lives here. The absence of partitions in the room became a real expanse for the flight of the designer's imagination. Skill zoning, a game of textures, graffiti, a combination of luxury with simplicity, accent details - all this is a boring design by designer Natalia Bespalova. It is an eclectic (mixture of styles) with elements of the East and male brutality. We look, that it turned out.

Graffiti: street art inside the house

Graffiti in residential areas is rare. On a brick wall such an option takes place. A bright positive picture in this interior became an accenting unifying zone of the whole space. Modular sofas are like a continuation of the wall and serve as juicy splashes in the interior. Visually, this method makes the room even more spacious. In addition, it turned out to make the space unusual, to bring a zest to it. Pay attention to how correctly chosen lighting, which animates the picture, makes it brighter, more dynamic.

Zoning as art

Loft style involves the design of space withoutDivision into separate rooms. Creates the illusion of separate rooms. The kitchen and dining area in the interior is separated from the living room by columns and a multi-level floor (it is also called the designer podium). In this case, it has a decorative function. Visually, this zone dominates, takes its attention. Also, the dividing element between them was the lower illumination in front of the podium steps. But that's not all. Each of these halves is also divided into sections. For example, in the living room there is a TV-zone and a round recreation area, containing many modular sofas of different colors and textures. The decorative podium became an excellent element of zoning. Also, it was possible to adjust the height of the space and harmoniously fit part of the large pipe in the round recreation area, which was slightly deepened. Our opinion: - In the loft style, an element expressive in form must necessarily dominate. In this case it is an exhaust pipe above the table. The decorative podium was also used in the design of a private area - a bedroom. The accent part in it was an unusual ceiling made of wood.

Mirror reflection

In the living area also draws attention to itselfLuxurious mirror ceiling, divided into several fragments. So the space visually clearly delineated on different sites. Thanks to the mirrors and the windows visually become more spacious, and the room is brighter, due to the reflection in them of multi-colored sofas. The golden elements of the mirror ceiling decor are consonant with other objects in the interior. Stylistics of gold and mirrors in the bathroom is supported.

Original items

It is worth noting that the interior looks interestingStill thanks to unusual interior items. Between the dining room and the kitchen, a Harley Davidson motorcycle was installed as a binder. Quite unexpected for living space. This brings the man's mood into the interior, emphasizes the freedom-loving character of the owner of the loft, his passion for speed and movement. Attention is drawn to the gramophone with the golden bell. Retroatmosphere is felt in all corners of the space, and even in the bathroom. Pay attention to the place under the sink. Here is an old sewing machine - another original element of this interior. Impresses and a dining table of coarse oak boards, it denotes a dining area. After repair, the table top was installed on an automobile engine (with wheels for easy moving). In this loft everywhere there are large pipes with a touch of rust. Despite this effect, the industrial atmosphere as a whole looks very warm and cozy, and the spotlights installed in the corridor create a mysterious atmosphere and set the mood from the threshold.,