With your own hands

How to make a mat of pompoms with your own hands

Want to give your child a sea of ​​emotions andpositive? Then make for him a rug from pompoms! Such a thing will be interesting to your child and will be able to entertain him. Making a mat of pompoms with his own hands is easy. And your baby will have beautiful "chrysanthemums", which he will gladly study.

You will need:

  • scissors;
  • Woolen threads (any color and any thickness);
  • 2 cardboard rolls from under the toilet paper;
  • a braided rug (it can be bought in cloth stores).

Step 1

Take cardboard rolls in your hand, flatten slightlyand put them together. Between them, in the middle, stretch the thread and wind it in a circle. It is not necessary to make pom-poms the same size. Both small and large balls can be made. To make the pom poms thicker and thicker, wind many layers of thread.

Step 2

When you have made the workpiece of the desired size, againPull the thread in the middle, between the cardboard rolls, and tie it so that the pom-poms do not fall apart. Tighten the knot more firmly. Be sure to leave a long thread ("tail") on each pompom, which will later need to be attached to the braided base.

Step 3

Remove the cardboard rolls. Now you have a ball of threads.

Step 4

Take the scissors and cut the threads along the outer edge. When pruning the workpiece, make sure that its parts do not disintegrate.

Step 5

Fluff up the pompom and trim the length with scissorsthread. Our opinion It takes about 5 minutes to make one pom-pom. You can do them by watching, for example, a movie and thus combining the useful with the pleasant.

Step 6

Take the workpiece for the rug and count how many pompoms you still need to do. Also determine the color of the rug.

Step 7

When all pompoms are ready, fasten them towoven basis. For this, "tails" pass through the grid and tie with strong knots. To make the mat look lush, attach the pompoms as close as possible to each other. All! Soft and warm mat for your baby is ready! Create with pleasure! sayyes.com