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How to make the living room cozier: 5 tips for any interior -

It's difficult to get used to cold weather, but it's necessary. In order for the transition to rain and snow to be as smooth as possible, we suggest that you "warm yourself" with the interior. To begin with we will transform a drawing room

With the rustling tread of autumn, a gloomy couple comes to our homes - cold and blues. We will begin the fight against them in the most "socially active" space - in the living room. 1. Curtains

We remove the dense blackouts and armed with instructions for choosing the perfect clothes for the windows go to the store. In the autumn, the curtains should be as light and neutral as possible. 2. Pillows

We will not tire of recommending the purchase of more and more new pillows. Change of funny pillow cases should not be one. 3. Decor

Go over the photos taken over the summer, selectthose that cause the strongest emotions and put them on public display. Get rid of dried flowers, the feeling of withering and fragility of being to you to nothing. But what can be safely placed on the shelves, so this is tea sets, vases for sweets and travel magazines. 4. Table

If the coffee table in your living room is suitablejust exclusively for storing books and magazines, consider that the time to change the situation has come. Henceforth on your table must settle vases with candied fruits, a tray with coffee cups and an aromatic sachet. 5. Painting

Loving art - it's fine, but changing the design of the walls every season is just necessary. In the autumn, your walls need bright colors and scenes related to growth, development and movement. 6. Rocking chair

If this option seems too old for you,find an easy chair with a dynamic position. There are such models, sitting on which, you can still lie: slightly lean back and the chair rolls a few degrees - ideal for autumn evenings in the company of books, tea and plaid. 7. Light

It should be soft and slightly diffused. How to understand that the lamp is chosen correctly? If, with the light on, you can easily read and can look at the plafond without a hint of discomfort for more than five seconds - count, the lamp is right!