How to make quick repairs in the kitchen: designer tips

Kitchen - an indispensable premise in the house, sohere it is not necessary to delay with repair. Today we asked the designers how to quickly and inexpensively remake this space. Who does not scare us with the word "repair"? No wonder they say that it can not be finished, but can only be suspended. Especially when it comes to the kitchen - the most technically complex space of any apartment. The way out of this situation is to make a quick cosmetic repair, updating and changing the appearance of the kitchen, without affecting its fundamental foundations. What about this advise the designers?

Replace textiles

The easiest and least expensive wayThe transformation of the kitchen space will be the change of textiles, since it plays a large role in creating the overall perception of the interior. Ekaterina Stepanova, interior designer: - Buy new curtains with a spring mood, change the upholstery of chairs or just cushions on sofas. The only caveat is that you do not need to make curtains and pillows from the same fabric, and if you are in doubt about how to combine different fabrics correctly, there is a simple way: take one fabric in a single color, and another in the same color, but with a pattern. Valeria Belousova, interior designer: - As soon as you change the curtains in the kitchen, the room will immediately take on a fresh look. And if this is a kitchen-dining room, then it is worth picking up new tablecloths, napkins and other textiles. Don't forget about cabinet handles and wall decor too. There is a very creative and economical option for transforming the kitchen: decorate a chandelier, hang photographs on the walls, sew chair covers, and repaint the table.

Light design

Light is an important part of the interior, which, with skilluse will be able to emphasize the dignity of the room and visually correct it. Without significant costs, you can replace the main light source - a chandelier - with a new one, or decorate it yourself. Ekaterina Stepanova, interior designer: - Lighting plays a key role in creating a mood, but here it is important not to change the “awl for soap”. Do you want a change? Use a bright, creative chandelier instead of your regular lampshade. Also, now there are many ways to decorate lamps with your own hands. Anton Pecheny, the designer of the TV project "Made with taste": - Try to use several lighting modes in the kitchen:

  • take care of the working surface lighting;
  • during the reception of guests a general good light is needed;
  • for a cozy evening for two there will be enough sconces in the dining room area.

You can partially replace the furniture

To change the entire kitchen set is long and costly. Therefore, designers have suggested to us more practical ways of changing the appearance of the kitchen without changing its fundamentals.

Valeria Belousova, interior designer:

- In order not to change the furniture completely, try to replace only the doors of the lockers. There are two options:

  • order new doors from the manufacturer of your kitchen - they can be of a completely different color, texture or material;
  • if funds or time do not allow you to ordernew doors, they can be painted or decorated independently. The main thing is to know from what material they are made in order to choose the right coloring method. Julia Shirokova, interior designer: - A good option is to change the tabletop. This will immediately refresh the kitchen, and also partially solve the problem of the lack of a working area. Even a window sill will serve as a good work surface if you enlarge it or organize a cozy bar area from it.