With your own hands

How to make a table on the bed with your own hands: a master class


What could be more pleasant on a cold winter morning,than breakfast in bed! Our today's master class will teach you how to make an original and stylish table on the bed of wooden planks and copper plumbing items on a bed. It's a dull cold morning so you want to spend more time in a cozy warm bed. Do not deny yourself this pleasure! Our master class will teach you how to build an original and practical table on your own. With this simple, but very stylish device you can eat and work without getting out of bed. To create such a table, you will need the following tools:

  • drill,
  • clamp,
  • yardstick,
  • Ruler,
  • pencil,
  • pipe cutter,
  • saw.

You can do without the last two if you cut in accordance with the required dimensions right in the store. Necessary materials:

  • 1.5 meters of copper pipe (diameter 15 mm),
  • 4 adapters (15 mm inlet),
  • 4 connecting bends (15 mm),
  • 4 flanges (15 mm),
  • 4 plugs (15 mm),
  • 4 supports (15 mm),
  • 3.6 meters of solid wooden board (about 6.5 cm wide),
  • epoxy adhesive,
  • glue for wood.

First, cut the board so that you getfour fragments 75 centimeters long and two fragments 30 centimeters long. Cut the pipe as follows: two 20 centimeters, four 16 centimeters, two 19 centimeters. Connect four long boards together by gluing them together. Secure with a clamp. This will be the countertop. Then glue the shorter pieces on the sides, perpendicular to the position of the countertop planks. These will be the bases of the pens. We proceed to install the legs of the table. To do this, perform the following steps:

  • First, assemble one leg of copper parts,connecting them in such a sequence: adapter, a pipe of 16 centimeters, a knee, a pipe of 20 centimeters, a knee, a pipe of 16 centimeters, an adapter. You should have an Π-shaped structure.
  • Put the flanges on the loose ends and attach them to the table top.
  • Mark the fixing points (they should be located under the base for the handles, otherwise the screws will simply pass through).
  • Remove the flanges and attach them to the table top with a drill and screws.
  • Insert a n-shaped stem into them, fixing all joints with epoxy glue.
  • Do the same to make the second leg.
  • Put the press on the feet and allow the epoxy adhesive to freeze.
  • Turn the table face to face. Attach the supports to the wooden bases for the handles (two for each, near the edges) with screws. Insert the remaining fragments of the tube 19 centimeters long into them. To give the handles a more aesthetic appearance, close the ends of the pipes with copper plugs, without forgetting the epoxy adhesive for fixing. Now your table is completely ready! It's time to get into bed and try it out! upcycledtreasures.com