With your own hands

How to make a fashionable lamp from an old lamp: a master class designer


On the eve of spring, the soul requires warmth, comfort andcreativity. We will tell you in this master class how to bring a little romance, created with your own hands, into the house. Interior designer Natalya Korol believes that spring is the time to get rid of unnecessary things, and those that are a pity to throw away need to be decorated. Natalia proposes to create with her own hands an original spring lamp using decoupage technique. To do this, we need a lamp base and a lampshade, as well as consumables:

  • three-layer napkins,
  • PVA glue,
  • lacquer spray,
  • white and gold acrylic paint.

Natalya Korol, interior designer NatalyaThe King is the head of his own studio, decorates private interiors in which male and female elements are harmoniously combined, combined with natural materials and added a touch of chic. korol-design.ru On the lampshade we apply white paint as a primer. While the paint dries, we separate the top layer from the napkins and manually tear off the picture we need. After the white paint on the lampshade has dried,we start decorating. To do this, apply gold acrylic paint with a sponge on the lampshade. Without waiting for it to dry, we put blanks from napkins on the lampshade. We fix them on the lampshade with PVA glue applied with a brush. Let the glue dry and fix the result with a spray varnish. The base of the lamp can also be decorated with goldpaint and decorate with ribbons. It remains only to screw the light bulb into the socket - and our spring lamp is ready! Thus, you can create with your own hands both a table, floor or pendant lamp that will make your interior unique and unrecognizable. As you can see, you can update the interior for spring in very simple ways! Be creative! Photo: Irina Lopatkina Location: Expostroy TV Exhibition Company