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How to equip a modern and cozy yard: a colorful example and 2 tips


People tend to move into their own house notas much for the sake of the house itself as for the sake of fresh air and territory around. And if this is the most important condition, then you need to decorate the courtyard wisely. A house without a beautiful courtyard seems already incomplete. A huge number of people prefer houses and move from city apartments just for the sake of being able to be outdoors. COS Design and Signature Landscapes set up an amazing garden in this courtyard, and Serenity Pools built a swimming pool, for which Frameless Impressions made glass panels. The size of this back yard, located inMelbourne, - 20x8 square meters. M. Its owners expected to get a place to rest after work. Design was developed taking into account the needs of all family members - spouses and their 4 children. The spacious flooring on the floor is made of wood andLeads to a built-in barbecue and a street pizza oven. There is also a small glass table with bright chairs, and behind the glass panel is a narrow pool. All this, of course, is supplemented by vegetation, which is planted all over the site and creates the necessary coolness.

2 important tips.

  • Cover the backyard floor with a garden parquet(Decking): it can be increased at any time and in any direction, put on a concrete foundation or directly on the ground. They make it from wood of various breeds, and it costs 1700-6000 rubles per square meter.
  • If you are going to surround your yardVegetation, it is best to plant bushes and trees in September-October, so that they managed to settle down to the first frost. Remember that young plants can suffer from weather changes, so choose a shaded and windless place for them.
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