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How quickly to change the interior before the arrival of guests: the secrets of hospitable hosts -


There are only a few minutes left before the guests arrive, andyour apartment has not yet taken a presentable look? No problem! Now we will teach you how to quickly transform the interior and show yourself as a conscientious owner. As you know, "who goes to visit ... he acts wisely." And, of course, not only because you don't have to cook the piglet in apples on your own, but also because cleaning and preparation of the apartment itself will not "fall on you". However, now we will tell you how, if it was not you who decided to act wisely. Rug First, it is worth taking care thatin the hallway there was a tray (or trays - depending on the number of guests) with small pebbles for outdoor shoes. After all, it is winter outside, and the puddles in the apartment look unattractive. Secondly, lay a fresh rug or renew an old one (this is done very simply: sprinkle it with baking soda, vacuum it after 15 minutes). And thirdly, we are looking for beautiful slippers for ladies and brutal ones for gentlemen. Trempeli Many guests, especially their beautifulpart, they are very scrupulous about the storage of their clothes. Therefore, hang the trembles on the hanger in advance, so that after a fun evening, guests can pick up their clothes, not crumpled like you did in the morning, but in their "original" form. Seats First, count (at leastapproximately) the number of invitees. Then, looking around the living room, find that one and only sofa and free it from unnecessary items (blanket, favorite magazine, TV remote control ...). In general, space should be freed from things as much as possible, and since you are running out of time, you can use, for example, a pantry as a temporary haven for "unnecessary" items. Well, if there is not enough furniture in the living room, then bring chairs from and armchairs from the bedroom, because the main thing is that the guests are comfortable. Children and pets Guests will come to your housein order to have fun, and not play the role of Mary Poppins or Yuri Kuklachev. Therefore, take care of who to leave the children with on this beautiful day in advance, and also find something to do for your pet (if it is not possible to just put it in a separate one). Glasses Make sure there are enough glasses for all guests (don't forget to count yourself). And, of course, rub the drinking containers until they shine. In addition, this is not at all difficult to do:

  • Rinse the glasses with warm water;
  • take a towel a glass by the base, while the other end of the towel wipe the bowl itself;
  • For shiny gloss, you can hold a glass for a short time over boiling water.

Nice towel Yes, yes, everyone knows that the bathroom- "face" of the hostess of the house. That is why it is worth hanging a nice, clean towel in the bathroom. And items that are directly related to your hygiene are best hidden in lockers. As we said, the more free space the better. A bucket in the toilet We will not go into details. Just put a bucket in the toilet. It certainly won't be superfluous, but it can save you from unpleasant consequences. Music When you start transforming your home,playing your favorite songs will really speed up the process. And during the reception, put on relaxing background music. This will smoothly set a positive start to the evening. Smoking area If among the invited gueststhere are people with bad habits, it is better to prepare a place for smoking in advance. Even if you are a fan of healthy lifestyle, putting an ashtray on the loggia, you will show yourself a sensitive, attentive owner. Special services phones We trust you, as well aslook forward to the adequacy of your guests. However, it is better to print and hang in a prominent place the telephone numbers of local ambulances, police, and the Ministry of Emergencies. We hope that these numbers will not be useful to you, but in case you will not have to spend time searching for them.