How to fit in the apartment everything you need: 45 tips and 5 real examples

How to create a recreation area in the kitchen, and in the living room -sports section? How to fit 5 rooms into 36 square meters? How to combine a bathroom with a toilet, and a hallway - with a drawing room? Revealing the amazing secrets of zoning Places can never be too much! The lack of space for life, creativity and storage is felt, even if you have a decent sized country house. What to say about the typical housing in high-rise buildings ... Despite this, we have for you a few dozen tips, how to fit everything you want in the most ordinary city apartments. We tell and show real, embodied in life examples.

How to place in a small "kopeck piece" kitchen, dining room, living room and nursery

With a skillful approach, even 47 square meterscan be turned into a multifunctional and spacious home - an excellent example of this. A full kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a nursery, a dressing room, and even a piano has found its place on a modest square! A stunning real-world project that clearly demonstrates the wonders of zoning.

How to create a recreation area in the kitchen

Is it possible to transform a kitchen with an area of ​​10 squaremeters into a full-fledged area for relaxation, communication, receiving guests, and at the same time not sacrificing the working space of the cooking area? in practice proves: you can.

How to combine kitchen with living room

Combining living room and kitchen - logical and reasonablea technique that allows you to expand the space both visually and in fact. However, such an association requires a competent approach to zoning and compliance with legal construction standards. We tell you in detail and show excellent examples.

How to organize five rooms in a small room

Entrance hall, bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom - and all this on 36 square meters. Fifth Dimension? Just a competent organization of space. We tell,.

How to find a place for a sports corner in an apartment

Is it possible to equip a corner in a small apartmentfor sports? Necessary! The modern pace of life obliges you to keep yourself in shape, and for many, a branch of a gym in their own home is an indispensable condition for comfort. We give a visual instruction,.

Where to put a bed in the studio apartment

The desire to place in a studio apartment a bed withthe ability to hide it from the eyes of guests is a stumbling block for many designers and owners of open-plan housing. We found a win-win way without visually diminishing the space. Our opinion: - You should not give up a full bed, even if you have a small studio apartment that does not provide for a separate bedroom. Remember, sleeping comfortably is very important to your health. Fortunately, many designers and furniture companies are aware of this, offering a wide variety of solutions for placing a bed in a studio apartment.

How to increase the living room due to the hallway

The living room is the same room that alwaysI want to do at least a little more. The whole family gathers here, guests come here, and it is important that there is enough space for everyone. Perhaps the idea of ​​enlarging the living room at the expense of the hallway is not to everyone's liking, but sometimes there is simply no other way out. In addition, everything is not so scary: we have one for you without sacrificing comfort and functionality.

How to equip a combined bathroom

With a reasonable layout, a combined bathroom can become a comfortable spacious room with storage systems and the ability to simultaneously use all functions. We give.

How to combine living room and bedroom

The need to combine several functions in one room at once is far from uncommon, and this applies not only to odnushki. while preserving the coziness and functions of both zones? We reveal the most important secrets!

How to plan a small apartment

Are you going to make repairs in a small size and in no waycan't fit everything you need in a limited space? Believe me, with the proper approach, even a tiny apartment can accommodate a lot. We have prepared for you. Appreciate the magic power of zoning! Our opinion: - Thinking about the organization of the space, do not forget that there are many sites and programs to help all interior planners. Take a look at our. And let there be a place for everything!