House and Cottage

How to make a guest house: a cozy example from Provence


Want to feel the touch of time andTo feel the warmth of southern France? We suggest you to plunge into the light romantic atmosphere of a mini-hotel, once a private house. And it is in Provence itself. It's easy, simple and comfortable here. The interior of the house always reflects the mood of its owners. It is evident that the guests are welcome here, the house is filled with a pleasant friendly aura. In the design of the room used style Provence, a distinctive feature of which are comfort, tranquility, elegance and a romantic mood.

Reception in the style of Provence

The reception is considered the hallmark of any hotel.The hospitable owners of this house took care of the comfort and mood of their guests. There is a comfortable sofa with soft pillows, a table with nuts. You can have a snack and look at interesting decor items while the decoration process is going on. An elegant wrought-iron partition creates a romantic light mood. To emphasize the floral patterns on it, woven like hearts, a decorative heart was hung on the key board. The hat here is also not accidental. This is an attribute of village life. Against a gray, pacifying background, all decorative elements stand out especially. Our opinion: - All objects and furniture, the ceiling with cracked wooden beams seem to indicate that you are transported in time. This effect is enhanced by aged surfaces and unusual decor items.

Lamps with a touch of antiquity

There are no modern spotlights in this devices. But here there are many beautiful, elegant lamps, sconces, floor lamps and chandeliers with the imprint of the time. There are miniature appliances and large lamps. The owners of the house have made sure that guests feel comfortable in any room. There are wrought-iron street lamps in the indoor lobby with the pool. The dining area is decorated with hanging chandeliers to create a special atmosphere. They also serve as indoor zoning elements. Plafonds, lampshades and forged details are made in floral and plant motifs. This is characteristic of the Provence style, which is inextricably linked with the village fields and greenery. Our opinion: - All lighting devices in the house create harmony, are combined with each other and with other interior details. Here, look at how a table lamp with a glamorous lampshade echoes the bronze bust of a woman. She also emphasizes the graceful finish and curly legs of the chairs, draws attention to the beautiful upholstery of the furniture.

Special place - bedroom

The bedroom immerses in an atmosphere of peace, love andhappiness. The main role here is assigned to the wrought-iron bed. A beautiful finely quilted blanket with a floral print and lace harmoniously echoes the romantic motives of the wrought-iron bed details. A bright accent in the room is the colorful tiles on the floor. The subdued, slightly faded color scheme sets it apart from this background. Graceful sconces and a chandelier on the ceiling act as touches. All objects in the room have curved, flowing shapes and look great side by side. A table with a mirror, in which a round sink is mounted, looks flirty. Transparent jars serve as an additional background in creating an old look in the interior.

Pleasant smells and unique elements of decor

In a Provence-style interior, there is no way without flowers.They fill the space with pleasant smells, transform it and serve as a decoration for the home. Take note: you can equip a seating area with wicker furniture. After a meal, drinking tea surrounded by floral aromas is a real delight. As complementary elements, the owners of the house installed unusual flower beds nearby. Thus, it was possible to preserve the general style of the mini-hotel and create a homey feel. Ceramic tiles on the floor are the hallmark of the house. She acts as bright accents throughout the room. It is not customary for the French to hide old things. On the contrary, they put them on public display. For example, an old birdcage stands next to an elegant chest of drawers. Or an old chest with tassels was placed on an unusual table with a wooden box. A bust of a woman was placed next to it. As if someone had sat here recently, worked and created unusual gizmos. Our opinion: - See how easy it is to create the spirit of antiquity in your backyard. Don't throw away your old bike. You see, you can use it to emphasize the right atmosphere. A knitted tablecloth always looks great even on an old table; a soft pillow for a hard chair is also useful. The owners of the mini-hotel focused on the mini-bar before entering, which corresponds to the style by 100%. Shabby old furniture of simple shapes goes well with the floor, walls, ceiling and, most importantly, with bright wall decor.


Around the house and in the yard there is a lot of vegetation. If guests want to retire and be outdoors, there are old wooden chairs and a small round table for this. Swimming pool outside is not a luxury. In a hot climate, this is a must. Guests can feel comfortable on the old sun loungers.

Original kitchen

Nice cozy kitchen looks like a village simplyAnd original. The decoration of the room is the decoration of the kitchen island. Plant motifs smoothen some kind of rudeness in the interior. Also, the highlight of the kitchen is a beautiful floor, covered with ceramic tiles.

Soul of the house

A spacious dining room with beautiful cupboards isThe soul of a mini hotel. Here everything has to rest and pleasant pastime. Guests can gather at a large table as one friendly family. This is the uniqueness of such a house.