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How to decorate a child for a girl of school age


What colors and materials should be in the room forprimary school girls? How to combine functionality and beauty and turn the nursery into a favorite place in the house? We analyze all these questions with a specific example When thinking over a room for a small child, parents rely solely on their own taste or the taste of the designer. A completely different story begins when you have to arrange a room for a girl who is walking or has already gone to school. You need to take into account several aspects at once, none of which is inferior to others in importance: firstly, the nursery should be beautiful and please the hostess, and secondly, when decorating, it is necessary to take into account the wishes and tastes of the daughter, and thirdly, the room should be adapted for relaxation, and for games, and for classes. We decided to analyze, using a specific example, what a nursery should be for a girl of this age, what should be taken into account when registering and how much such a repair costs on average. Reasonable planning Planning a nursery for a child of primary school age is always a special task, since you need to provide space for several zones at once: work, play and rest. Moreover, they should be placed not just according to the principle "if only it fits", but as efficiently as possible: so that it is pleasant to do the lessons, it is convenient to play, and nothing interferes with sleep. Consider a good example of the layout of such a nursery. In a room with an area of ​​17 sq. m, it was possible to place four functional areas: a sleeping place at one wall, storage systems at the other, a working area at the first window and a cozy swing chair with bookshelves at the second. Lighting scenarios are also carefully thought out: there is a main light source (a lamp on the ceiling in the center of the nursery), a floor lamp in the corner, a table lamp in the work area and a pair of wall sconces above the bed. Safe materials All materials in the nurserythe room should be selected in accordance with the main principle - to be safe for the child, and therefore it is definitely not worth saving on them. Choose only reliable, durable and environmentally friendly finishing materials and furniture that will not provoke allergies and any diseases in your child. Suitable for flooring are wood, laminate or cork flooring, for walls - environmentally friendly, paper or non-woven wallpaper. It is best to choose wood furniture, but you can also use chipboard from E1 class boards and MDF. Choosing children's textiles, give preference to natural fabrics: flax, cotton, wool. But natural felt is best avoided, as it can cause allergies. Alexey Eliseev, Manders:- In the nursery, it is important to use high-quality and environmentally friendly materials, such as paper and non-woven wallpaper, which are characterized by good vapor permeability. The main advantage of wallpaper on a non-woven basis is the convenience and speed of gluing. The correct colors A nursery for a girl is almost always associated with pink, but if the owner of the room is already in school, then such a literal color scheme will be too childish. If your daughter likes pink, it is better to use it as accents, and give preference to pastel, rather than too active and bright shades. The same applies to any other colors: it is better to choose calm light tones as a base, diluting them with local color spots. Think carefully about the wallpaper pattern: a large motley pattern on all four walls will prevent the girl from concentrating on her lessons or reading. If a completely monochromatic design does not suit you, use a bright wallpaper with a pattern on the accent wall, supporting its color scheme with a more relaxed finish of others. This is exactly what they did with this room: the wall in the recreation area was pasted over with bright wallpaper with flamingos, and for the rest they chose a single-color paint in two different shades. Another accent was the yellow details - the chair and bed linen, and the furniture and light floor covering balance them. Design and decor Decorating a room for a girl,it is important to observe a sense of proportion: trying to make the nursery beautiful and cozy, there is a risk of turning it into a house for Barbie. Hang a couple of paintings on the walls, buy decorative pillows for your bed or sofa, and find beautiful stationery for your workplace. This will be quite enough, and with all the rest of the decor - posters with your favorite performers, photographs, soft toys and other little things - the hostess will fill the room on her own. Pay attention also to the moldings: they fit perfectly into any style, they can visually adjust the proportions of the room and do an excellent job of playing the role of an unobtrusive, but at the same time interesting decorative element. So that the moldings do not look too formal in the nursery, they can be. So, in this nursery for the ceiling moldings, they chose a rich shade of yellow, which supports the color of furniture and textiles. Alexey Eliseev, Manders:- Do not overload the nursery with design. Intense painting on all walls will be distracting and make it difficult to focus or relax. Different zones of the nursery can be played up with companion wallpaper. For example, highlight the game part with wallpaper with a pattern, emphasize the wall near the sports complex with striped wallpaper, and decorate the rest of the space with background wallpaper with a small pattern, plain wallpaper or paint it. For a children's bedroom, it is better to choose wallpaper with a calm pattern. We also offer to combine wallpapers of different colors. How much does it cost How much will it cost to repair such a children's room? Having learned that Manders stores have special prices for wallpapers and paints for children, we turned there with a request to calculate this project, and here is what data we received:

  • wallpaper Harlequin (United Kingdom) - 9 750 rubles;
  • fabric, lining and finishing tapes for Roman curtains Scion (UK) - 24 010 rubles per window;
  • Scion fabric (Great Britain), the lower edge of Harlequin (Great Britain) and the lining Comersan (Spain) for drapes - 27,875 rubles;
  • light paint for the ceiling Little Greene (UK), shade 37 / Stock - 3 800 rubles for 2.5 liters;
  • pink paint for the ceiling Little Greene (Great Britain), shade 185 / Angie - 1 800 rubles per 1 liter;
  • light paint for the walls of Little Greene (UK), shade 37 / Stock - 3 900 rubles for 2.5 liters;
  • pink paint for the walls of Little Greene (Great Britain), shade 185 / Angie - 3,900 rubles per 2.5 liters;
  • green paint for plinth Little Greene (Great Britain), shade 70 / Pale Lime - 1 950 rubles per 1 liter.