The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

How to live in the village of Grunwald: look at one luxury house


This project was created for a large family with fourchildren and far-reaching plans, and judging by the spectacular decor, Art Deco style and warm natural palette, the owners are also very creative people, who, however, are not alien to the love of home comfort. it will be a very interesting project. First of all, the Grunwald residential complex is completely unique in its architectural image, since the most famous architectural bureaus of the city of Moscow worked on it. In addition, the residential complex is located in close proximity to the masterpiece of modern architecture - the Skolkovo business school. In addition, the authors had to create an object for a large and friendly family with four children. Ivan Kachalov and Igor Metelkin, architects Ivan Kachalov graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute (Department of ZHOS). In 2005 he founded the "Ivan Kachalov Architectural Bureau", which in 2012, after the entry into it of the architect Igor Metelkin, was reorganized into the "Archstroy" bureau.

Igor Metlkin graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute.He became the owner of a red diploma and a gold medal of the Moscow Architectural Institute. Graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute. Member of the Union of Architects of Russia. The complexity of the project lay in the fact that the architects had to combine two equivalent apartments, located on the same floor, into a single space, where the block with the nursery and the playroom would be isolated. Windowless spaces around the staircase also had to be used, so a “single core” emerged with ample space for storage rooms, home laundry rooms and dressing rooms. The style of the apartment is modernized with the use of warm and cozy things that make the interior more homely. The main area was supposed to be the living room,which would unite all family members. The authors decided to focus on and play on the contrast of structures and colors of different types of wood. In addition, one of the walls is an aquarium that separates the study from the living room. Thanks to this, the landlord can watch his family even while working. Since it is in the open "flowing"space, the task was to make it as minimalistic and inconspicuous as possible, but at the same time preserve it as an architectural element. The choice of architects was based on the kitchen of the Bulthaup company. The master bedroom is a strict designin the style of Art Deco, characteristic of the 20-ies of the last century. The only thing that reminds of the XXI century - it's the windows and doors from floor to ceiling, which give ease to this interior. Creating a bedroom for a child is alwaysinteresting, but rather difficult, because the interests of children are changing constantly, and so you want that the child was always comfortable spending time in his room. For the authors of the project, the arrangement of such a bedroom has become an opportunity to plunge into their own children's memories and realize a little and their children's dreams. Children always learn everything new significantlyfaster than adults. Therefore, when creating the children's architects gave preference to new and ultramodern materials and technologies. But, of course, it all depends on age. After all, what is interesting in 7 years, often does not make any sense in 14. For children under the age of 10, the authors have triedmake a room as suitable as possible for general active games. But for boys and girls over 10 years old, it is important to clearly divide the space. For a teenager from 12 to 16 years old, it is very important to keep up with the times, and this must be reflected in the interior - a suspended bed with illumination, like a spaceship; walls with sloping niches that serve as shelves for books; wide plank for the floor, which is typical for a dynamic and modern interior. For the girl, other details are important - such as those of the heroines of books and films: a spacious dressing room, unusual soaring lamps in the form of dandelions, a bed with a dream dress at the head - everything is somewhat reminiscent of a fairy tale. Ivan Kachalov, architect:- We are glad when the area of ​​the apartment allows us to design a playroom. This is exactly what happened in this case. The room is made in bright and cheerful colors. Functionality is important for play, therefore each piece of furniture has a dual purpose: a transforming sofa can serve as separate ottomans and a sleeping place for a nanny, multi-colored stripes on the wall hide the space for storing toys, and an elephant that looks unusual at first glance is also a chair. Ivan Katchalov, architect: - It's great that we managed to create a project for such a large family and make it both beautiful and functional!