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How to keep cut flowers longer: 9 ways


In the summer bouquets of flowers appear on the tables notonly on holidays. But how to keep the cut flowers fresh? Try to provide them with the most necessary comfort and nutrition. Our 9 tips will provide you with all the information you need

Live flowers are refreshing, coloring the interior andIncrease the mood of its inhabitants. However, they themselves receive not so much - most of them have a very short life and an inglorious demise. But it is quite possible to change the situation: we counted as many as nine ways to extend the life span of flowers that suddenly appeared in your house.

1. Carefully washed vase, on which there are no traces of pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms, will not threaten the life of your flowers.

2. Cut at an angle stems have a larger area to absorb water, which means they will better "drink" and live longer.

3. A copper coin on the bottom of the vase will destroy all bacteria that have encroached on your bouquet. 4. Hairspray applied to the lower part of the petals, fixes them and prevents rapid wilting. Remember - you need to process the flowers from the bottom.

5. Cold is the second best friend of flowers after water. Try to place the vase in the coolest place.

6. In flower shops small bags with useful substances are offered in huge quantities. Pour the contents into the vase and enjoy the sense of accomplishment. 7. Write down the recipe: a cup of water, a cup of 7Up (yes, a drink) and half a teaspoon of bleach. It sounds scary, but your bouquet will be very pleasant. 7Up will give the necessary sugar, and bleach will get the remaining bacteria.

8. Keep fruit away from flowers. Ethylene, contained in many of them (in fruits of course), is very detrimental to flowers. 9. From the company of electrical appliances, flowers are also worth saving. Most of them are heated during work, and the flowers do not like heat, because they lose moisture and perish.