How to decorate a window nicely: curtains, moving panel and blinds

Many people doing repairs in their home orthey want their home to look as original and modern as possible. But to lay a new linoleum or parquet, change the wallpaper and make a stretch ceiling - sometimes it's not enough. To transform the appearance of your apartment, you can beautifully decorate the window, changing it beyond recognition. Sliding panel at the windowPicture 1. At the window in the bedroom, you can make one large sliding panel, which should be combined with the main interior design of the room. Contrary to the stereotype that has developed over many years in our people, which assumes the mandatory presence of banal curtains, Western designers offer a large number of various options for the design of windows. All of them are original, unique and differ with a special sense of sophistication and style.

Window decorations with curtains and curtains

The first version of such an original designThe window is the decoration of his curtains. But not one and two, but four at a time. From the first to the third layer, it is recommended to use cotton fabrics that match well with each other in terms of color and texture. Place the 4th layer at the very end, it is advisable to use a dense and impermeable cloth, dark and gray shades. You can use it if you want to darken the room completely, for example, when watching movies in the evening. The eaves should have 4 inserts. Curtains are better to fasten with double-sided Velcro. That the curtains are not inflated by the action of wind or draft, it is recommended to put aluminum bars in the bottom. Picture 2. Original curtains can be made from the same squares of different fabrics. Window design with curtains is the simplest solution to the task associated with decorating a window. Curtains can be made from different pieces of fabric (photo # 2). The main thing is that their density should be approximately the same. If you have sheets of cloth of different sizes, make the same squares and drain them with each other. You will get original curtains, which can be hung with the help of clamps-rings on the bar. Your room will be transformed beyond recognition. If you have not found any scraps of fabrics for such curtains, contact the nearest atelier, they certainly have the remains of the material at a very low price. Back to contents</a>

Moving panel instead of curtains

Another variant of decoration isthe design of the window is not a curtain, but a picture that represents a kind of moving screen. This design can make any master of furniture salon. It consists of two guides, fixed on the wall, and the screen itself with the picture. The very picture should be made of chipboard with a thickness of not more than 0.16 mm. You can draw a picture yourself or paste a reproduction or an enlarged photo from a family album onto the particleboard. As an option, you can cover the fiberboard with a cloth and decorate the resulting composition with a beautiful frame. At the window in the bedroom one can make one large sliding panel (photo # 1), from the ceiling to the floor, from the fiberboard of 0.16 cm. It will be moved along special rails, which can be purchased in any furniture manufacturing salon. Decorate such a panel is better in such a way that it is combined with the main design of the interior of the room and was less noticeable, it can even be glued to the same wallpaper that is painted on the walls. A photo 3. A blue-white curtain in the cage will give the room a color and make it visually warmer. If you cover the sliding panel with a white translucent fabric, this will give your room a subtle charm of the east. Such a panel can be made in a furniture salon, according to individual sizes. Any combination of colors in the interior of the bedroom will be justified if you place a blue-white curtain in the room in the cage (photo # 3). You can hang it in the Roman style - with the possibility of lifting it up with a special mechanism. You can place such a curtain in the attic window, it will not hang down. The use of terracotta fabric will give the room a color and make it visually warmer. Back to contents</a>

Blinds - beauty and practicality

Recently, the most commonThe window design is a blind. After all, they are very convenient to use and allow you to control the intensity of lighting the room. The multivariance of modern models of blinds allows them to decorate with a window of almost any interior without causing it absolutely no aesthetic harm. The only drawback of the blinds is the lack of the possibility of a complete blackout of the room when using them, as the sun's rays still pass along their edges or through the holes for the laces. You can get around this disadvantage by providing the window opening with shutters. There are a lot of options for designing a window opening. Themes that you like personally, you can think of yourself. Show creativity and do not limit your imagination.