How to organize the storage of cosmetics: 15 best examples -

Tired of every morning to find the lipstick the right shade in a heap of brushes, tubes and jars? Learn the most original examples of cosmetics storage and create your own

Beautifully arrange makeup on the dressing tableor a shelf is possible, only if this cosmetics is the first in your life. Over time, the collection of "beauty tools" only increases, and free space, unfortunately, is not added.

Many people see how to solve the problemcups under the brush with pencils and large makeup for everything else. We propose to address the more elegant experience of women of fashion all over the world and discover a whole new world of beauty, order and functionality. Among the top 15 examples of the organization, you probably will find a couple of ideal for yourself.

Transparency is the main plus of cosmetics boxes.

Perfectionists will appreciate!

Where can I find such a console? Nowhere! Here they simply replaced the wooden glass with glass.

Organizers are better to buy not back-to-back, but "for growth". Otherwise, soon will have to acquire another storage system.

Do not like boxes? Find an option with a rotary mechanism.

It's not strange to buy two sets of organizers at once and place them, for example, in the bathroom and the bedroom.

Are the seats on the dressing table not enough? Feel free to master the wall.

Choosing an organizer for the size of the table is not an easy task, but if it works out ...

You will not find the same pockets, find an organizer for a similar design.

Boring dishes deserve a second life. Especially if you approach with fantasy to its "reincarnation".

Here the bottom of the box is covered with wrapping paper. But it can also be painted by hand.

Such a dressing table with a folding table top can be found among the products of the famous Swedish brand. Internal organizers are purchased separately.

This option is labor-intensive only at the very beginning. Later you already "on the machine" will glue the magnets to the tubes and jars.

This option of "self-activity" will require competent work with superglue.

Brushes in a glass do not seem to you such a practical option? Buy a bamboo napkin and a small cut of a wide textile gum.